2016 Short List announced!

The Ledger Awards Organising Committee is proud to announce the 2016 Judges’ Short List. These projects garnered final votes from the Judging Panel. Recipients of the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, drawn from this list, will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Friday, 15 April at All Star Comics, Melbourne.

#takedown. David Blumenstein (Pikitia Press)

8house: Yorris, Parts 1 & 2.  Fil Barlow & Helen Maier, writers. Fil Barlow, art. (Image Comics)

9779. Frank Candiloro (FrankenComics)

A Dream. David Goei & Serene Lau (self published)

Anders and the Comet. Gregory Mackay (Allen & Unwin)

Art Is A Lie. Carol Wood, Susan Butcher (Fabliaux)

Astro City #28. Gary Chaloner, penciller (with Kurt Busiek, Wade von Grawbadger, Alex Ross, Wendy Broome, Comicraft. Vertigo/DC Comics)

Black Fish. Tatiana Davidson (self published)

Black Magick #1-3. Nicola Scott, artist; Chiara Arena, colour assists (with Greg Rucka, Jodi Wynne. Image Comics)

Captain Congo: The Mystery of Mau. Ruth Starke, writer. Greg Holfeld, artist. (from The School Magazine)

Cartoonist. Neale Blanden (self published)

The Diemenois. Jamie Clennett (Hunter Publishers)

Down By The Water Was A Wall, Andrew Fulton (self published)

Eew! Dean Rankine (self published)

Empanelled Book 1. Lindsay Arnold. (Knocklofty Press)

Evermore. Isobelle Carmody, writer. Daniel Reed, artist. (Windy Hollow Books)

Exponius Museum. Sutu, director, artist. Elena Lyubarskaya, writer. Stephen Lindberg, programmer (self published, online)

Fast Freddy’s Big Race.  Rob Feldman (self published)

Fly the Colour Fantastica. Vikki Ong, Eri Kashima, Nadia Attlee, Alicia Braumberger, Viet-My Bui, Sheree Chuang, Rebecca Hayes, Sam Jacobin, Alisha Jade, Sai Nitivoranant, Natasha Sim, Eevien Tan. (Veriko Operative)

Headspace. Ryan K Lindsay, writer (with Eric Zawadzki, Sebastián Piriz, Marissa Louise, Dee Cunniffe. IDW/Monkeybrain)

Imagined Mysteries. Anthony Woodward (self published)

Iron Bard Ballisto. Ben Hutchings (Milk Shadow Books)

Lest We Remember. Ele Jenkins (self published, online)

‘Live Forever’ (from Shadow Show #3), Mark Sexton, art (with Sam Weller, Michael Spicer. IDW)

Mad Max: Fury Road: Max, Furiosa, Nux & Immortan Joe. George Miller, story. Nico Lathouris & Mark Sexton, script. Mark Sexton, Tristan Jones, art (with various. Vertigo/DC Comics)

Maralinga Book One. Jen Breach, Douglas Holgate (The House of Skullduggery)

Negative Space. Ryan K Lindsay, writer (with Owen Gieni, Ryan Ferrier. Dark Horse Comics)

Neomad: The Complete Collection. Sutu, The Love Punks, Satellite Sisters (Gestalt)

The Ocean is Broken. Sutu, writer, illustrator, animator. Lhasa Mencur, sound designer. Vitaliy Shirokiy, programmer (self published, online)

Oglaf. Trudy Cooper & Doug Bayne (Topatoco (US), Lapin Editions (France), online) WARNING: ADULT CONTENT

Perfectly Normal Human Being. Luke Humphris (self published, online)

Razorlegs. Sutu (self published)

Salty. Alex e Clark (self published)

The Salty River. Jan Bauer (Twelve Panels Press)

The Sixsmiths Vol. 1 & 2. Jason Franks, J. Marc Schmidt, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Simon Wright, Dean Rankine, Tim McEwen, Bruce Mutard, Sacha Bryning, Aly Faye, Anton McKay, Gregory MacKay, Sarah Howell, Luke Pickett, Jase Harper, Bobby N., Ed Siemienkowicz, Trevor Wood (Caliber)

Swallows Part One. Joshua Santospirito (San Kessto)

These Memories Won’t Last. Sutu, writer, illustrator, animator. Lhasa Mencur, Sound design. Vitaliy Shirokiy, programmer (self published, online)

Trains. Mandy Ord (self published)

Unmasked Vol. 1: Going Straight Is No Way To Die. Christian Read, writer. Emily Smith & Gary Chaloner, artists. (Gestalt)

Unpropitious Fate’ (from Indie Comics Magazine #10) Paul Bradford, writer (with Matt Olsen. Aazurn Publishing)

Villawood: Notes from an immigration detention centre. Safdar Ahmed (The Shipping News, online)

Worst Behaviour. Simon Hanselmann (Pigeon Press) WARNING: ADULT CONTENT

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