Ledger of Honour

The Ledger of Honour is the Australian Comics Hall of Fame Award. The recipients have had an historically significant, positive impact on Australian comics; shaping the art form of comics in this country in a meaningful way.

2005: Peter Ledger
2014: John Dixon
2015: John Ryan
2016: Peter Chapman; Syd Nicholls
2017: Paul Wheelahan; Cecilia May (‘May’) Gibbs
2018: Moira Bertram and Kathleen Bertram; Yaroslav Horak
2019: Gerald Carr; Stanley Pitt and Reginald Pitt
2020: Peter Foster; Keith Chatto
2021: June Mendoza; Hart Amos
2022: Monty Wedd; Norman Clifford
2023: Will Donald; SCAR (Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr)