About the Awards

The COMIC ARTS AWARDS of AUSTRALIA (formerly known as the LEDGER AWARDS) have been organised to acknowledge excellence in Australian comic art and publishing. The awards were first held in 2005-2007. After a hiatus, the Awards returned in 2014 with a new structure.

The nominations and awards are for work published and events held in the calendar year, January 1 to December 31.

The Comic Arts Awards of Australia are a fully independent initiative. It is non-profit. It has no affiliations or links with organisations, businesses or other parties outside of sponsorship.


Christy Marx

Christy Marx was married to Peter Ledger from 1983 until his untimely death in 1994. She lives and works as a writer in the United States. Her comic book credits include Sisterhood of Steel, Birds of Prey and Sword of Sorcery.

Christy Marx web site

Gary Chaloner

Gary Chaloner launched the first Ledger Awards in 2005.

Gary Chaloner web site

Tim McEwen

Tim McEwen‘s best known comics work is Greener Pastures, co-created in 1990 with Michael Michalandos.

Tim McEwen’s web site

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