2018 Awards kick off at ACAF!

The Ledgers Organising Committee is proud to announce that the 2018 Ledger of Honour recipients will be revealed at ACAF, the Australian Comic Arts Festival in Canberra on Saturday evening, February 10.

The Ledger of Honour is the Australian Comics Hall of Fame Award. Since 2016, the Ledger of Honour has been awarded to two recipients, one living and one deceased, who have had an historically significant, positive impact on Australian comics – shaping the art form of comics in this country in a meaningful way.

The Ledger Awards are announcing the Ledger of Honour recipients early, at ACAF, to shine a light on the recipients’ careers and contributions to the art form. The 2018 Ledger Awards Ceremony will be held mid-year, where Gold, Silver, Bronze and Platinum award recipients will be announced.

A list of previous Ledger of Honour recipients is available to read, here.

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