2019 Award Recipients announced!

We’re very proud to be involved with a community/scene/industry/art form that produces such amazing work – work of an international standard and often involving international teams and publishers. 

The Gold Ledger 2019 for excellence in Australian comics, with a unanimous vote from the Judges:

Truth, Justice and the American Dream: The Men Behind Superman 
Writer: Julian Voloj
Artist: Thomas Campi
Publisher: Comicoz

The Silver Ledgers 2019:

Esther! A True Story
Creators: Sandra Broman & Esther Olivares 
Publisher: Write & Wrong

Neither Here nor Hair 
Editor: Alisha Jade
Contributors: Sarah Catherine Firth, Natalia Zajaz, Claire Murray, Alex E Clark, Sarah Winifred Searle, Alyce Sarich, Soolagna Majumdar, Ele Jenkins, Michel Gerencir, Danikah Harrison, Alisha Jade, Emma Jean and Leonie Brialey
Publisher: Petrie Press 

Writer and Artist: Rachel Ang 
Publisher: Glom Press 

A Week in Warrigilla
Creators: Priscilla “Pi” Wu and Teloka Berry
Publisher: Self-published

The Bronze Ledger 2019:

My Big Life
Writer and Artist: Bailey Sharp
Publisher: Glom Press 

The Ledgers of Honour (our ‘hall of fame’ awards) went to: 
Gerald Carr (b 1944) and Stanley Pitt (1925 – 2002) and Reginald Pitt (1929 – 2010). 

The Platinum Ledger 2019, for outstanding service to Australian comics: 
Karen Dwarte of Comic Con-versation.

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