Long List: 2022

This page lists the submitted works released during the 2022 calendar year, eligible for judging in the 2023 Comic Arts Awards of Australia.

TitlePublisherFormatContent RatingCreators involvedProject DescriptionProject websiteEntry Date
Fractured Shards Vol 2COMICS2MOVIESGraphic NovelAdult content for mature readers.

Stephen Kok Writer & Letter
Dan Feuerriegel Creator
Shaun Keenan Creator

Fractured Shards Vol 2 is an award-winning graphic novel series created by Spartacus actor Dan Feurriegel and local Shaun Keenan. Published by Australia's premier graphic novel publisher COMICS2MOVIES Fractured Shards Vol 2 came out mid-2022.

www.comics2movies.com.au2022-09-06 12:58:09
Bin KittyComX StudioComic Book Series, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Duncan Pranevicius, writer and artist

In this first issue in an ongoing series from ComX Studio, our mysterious protagonist awakes in a dark alleyway to find herself seriously wounded and suffering severe memory loss. Not knowing who she is or how she came to be the victim of an attempted murder in this dark place, she'll tear through the whole city above her to get answers.

https://comx.shop/product/bin-kitty-12022-09-12 13:15:49
Metropius - Forgotten RoseSelf PublishedComic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Dan Macarthur - Director and creator of Metropius. Ally Burnham - Award winning writer. David Thor Fjalarsson - Artist

Metropius is a dieselpunk mega city who's lore runs deeper than its catacombs. The Metropius project incorporates an animated series, board game, computer game and comic series.

www.metropius.com2022-11-16 09:07:10
Infernal RegionsSelf publishedGraphic NovelAll ages

Rebeca L. Stewart, writer/artist
Simon Robins, Letterer, cover colours

A Prime Minister strides into a boiling sea. And disappears. Plunged into a slippery nightmare, he must face the consequences of an environmental war we’ve waged on a terrifying abyssal world.

This black-and-white undersea sci-fi graphic novel follows in the inkstains of Moebius, Alberto Breccia and Katsuhiro Otomo and is the first porthole into Rebecca L. Stewart's comic art series, a love-letter to devotees of hand-inked storytelling.

https://rebeccalennoxstewart.com/comics2022-11-22 09:52:50
How To Win A RaidBird's Eye ComicsShort Story, AnthologyAdult content for mature readers.

Emmet O'Cuana, writer

'How to win a Raid' is the story of a hardy band of adventurers fighting their way across a fantastical landscape of deadly creatures, while a mysterious event causes individual members of the party to 'disconnect'. Is this magic, or something else? Written by Emmet O'Cuana (The Beating of Wings), art and colors by Jeferson Sadzinski (Show's End) and Marcela Corrêa Müller, lettering by Cardinal Rae (Crowded). Featured in The BeBop volume 2 from Bird's Eye Comics, December 2022.

https://birdseyecomics.com/products/the-bebop-22022-11-23 11:11:22
Unlucky LastDreaming King Productions Pty LtdGraphic NovelAll ages

Avi Lewin, writer

An average man living an average life struggles with his place in the world.

http://www.dreamingking.com/unluckylast/2022-12-10 17:43:57
Speed RepublicMad cave StudiosComic Book Series, Collected Series: Trade PaperbackAdult content for mature readers.

Ryan K Lindsay, writer.

In the future, Europe has united under one man, The Autocrat. He rules the apocalyptic landscape from corporate monopolies with a vision of unity that is gospel to some, but hollow to others. To distract the 99% from their poor and empty lives, they are given the opportunity to compete in the Grand Race. A marathon street race through Europe where only one driver can make it to the end and win a life of luxury.

Our hero, Sebastian Valencia, enters with the hope that winning this race can make up for his wasted past, but along the way he starts to question what kind of future he is actually buying into.

https://madcavestudios.com/series/speed-republic/2022-12-28 04:33:07
Nottingham Vol. 2: A King's RansomMad Cave StudiosGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers.

David Hazan, writer

When Richard the Lionheart is kidnapped and ransomed by Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI, Everard Blackthorne, the Sheriff of Nottingham, is strongarmed into delivering the ransom and bringing the King home, on penalty of death. The treacherous Prince John and his ally, King Phillip of France, will stop at nothing to ensure Richard remains in captivity, so the Sheriff finds the unlikeliest of allies in none other than Robin Hood and the Merry Men. With Robin and the Sheriff away, Marian hatches her own devious plan to take back Nottingham. Collects issues #6-10.

https://madcavestudios.com/nottingham/2023-01-03 22:29:53
Nottingham Free Comic Book Day 2022 Special: A Very Merry ChristmasMad Cave StudiosComic Book Series, Comic Book, Short StoryAdult content for mature readers.

David Hazan, writer

A very Merry Christmas. All eyes are on Everard Blackthorne, the Sheriff of Nottingham, when his predecessor is murdered in cold blood. It's business as usual for Ev, with Hood and the Merry Men pulling the strings and a terrible choice to make as the lives of Alan Dale's wife and son hang in the balance. This special issue of Nottingham takes place in between volumes 1 and 2 of the smash hit series.

https://madcavestudios.com/nottingham/2023-01-03 22:42:34
Long HeadSelf publishedComic Strip: digital or print, Digital only / WebcomicAdult content for mature readers.

Millie Holten, writer & illustrator.

'Long Head' is an online comic strip by comedian and illustrator, Millie Holten. The series follows the off-kilter adventures of Long Head, a strange man with a long head.

Released from May 2022 on Instagram, the series has gained a loyal following among the comedy and comic community, and racked up 4,000,000+ views on TikTok.

www.instagram.com/millieholten2023-01-04 13:35:56
The Phantom: Until the Final BellFrew PublicationsComic BookAll ages

Paul Mason - Writer and illustrator, Cover Artist
Amanda Bacchi - Assistant Editor
Glenn Ford - Editor
Dudley Hogarth - Publisher

"Until The final Bell: Requiem for a Masked Heavyweight" is the sequel to the original Lee Falk/Wilson McCoy 33rd Phantom Daily newspaper strip story "The Masked Marvel" from 1948.
This story follows on from the original, seeing the Phantom return to the sport of boxing as 'The Masked Marvel' to aid an old acquaintance caught up in a mafia plot, and help a lost fighter redeem himself after hitting rock bottom.
Published in The Phantom #1925 (2022), available in Newsagents and comic stores across Australia & NZ, full-colour and included the original Masked Marvel in colour, plus a supplementary article 'In this corner: The Phantom and Boxing' by Paul Mason.


https://www.masoncomics.com.au/phantomboxing2023-01-08 15:03:16
Flock: Chapter #1: 'Warbird'Gestalt ComicsGraphic Novel, Comic Book SeriesAll ages

Paul Mason - Writer and illustrator
Amanda Bacchi - Editor
Wolfgang Bylsma - Letterer and designer
James Brouwer - Variant cover artist

Flock Chapter 1 is first of a four part story surrounding an old ex soldier in the late 1960s Sydney, telling his story to the bartender about his time in the wars. But the story soon takes a, let's say "Weird" turn. I'm inclined to refer to it as a "meat pie sci-fi" of sorts.

FLOCK #1 is an oversized 48 page graphic novel, which also features the short story 'Dance', set in the world of FLOCK.

Book Blurb:

Take this old Digger, for instance. On a quiet, sunny day at the pub, this old bloke decides to reflect on his curious life to a mystified bartender. Starting as a boy in the Great War, the yarn becomes a tale that is stranger than fiction as he reveals his time with the Australian Army in the Signals Corps.

His life story soon spirals into adventures featuring mobile pigeon coops, the early days of the C.S.I.R.O., the disappearance of Harold Holt, World War II, the Emu War, Vietnam, the Second Emu War… wait, what?!

Part action/adventure, part war story, part comedy, part pigeon…? add a smidgen of science-fiction and a dash of history.


https://www.masoncomics.com.au/flock2023-01-08 15:14:12
Skye's Cavern LibraryReverie PublicationsComic BookAll ages

Penciller, Inker, Letterer: Jason Paulos
Writer, creator: Peter Lane
Editor: Sarah Lumsden

An ongoing comic series written and created by Peter Lane. The first issue features art by Jason Paulos. Three short stories are contained in the first issue. Synopsis: Welcome to the world of Skye’s Cavern Library! Join Skye, an anthropomorphic Arctic fox and his half elf assistant Kris, as they and their visitors travel to amazing worlds inside the cavern’s magical teleportation books!

https://reveriepublications.com.au/product/skyes-cavern-library-1/?fbclid=IwAR2_20KIPUcfNuoag8ERvpN7d9wW27Dql5ywM5Jzq7D2cPWzETbbnfXj6zc2023-01-08 15:43:11
Doorman - Motherless MelbourneSelf PublishedGraphic Novel, Comic Book SeriesAdult content for mature readers.

Mark Diaco (Creator, Writer, Artist, Actor)
Simon Robins (Colourist)
Darren Close (Lettterer)
Tim Hawken (Script Editor)
Alexis Orosa (Script Editor)
Sophie Muckart (Script Editor)
Tanja Schneider (Script Editor)

DOORMAN is a noir psychological thriller that follows the violent and morally ambiguous journey of Jack, whose tight-knit door policy unravels as he is thrust into a gritty underworld when a Sudanese refugee turns up dead inside a nightclub. Promotors, club owners, drug dealers, bike gangs, bank managers, people smugglers, cops and government black ops - it seems all roads lead to Jack’s door, as he stands at the centre of a global threat that seeks to rip himself and the city apart. Will Jack forge a fate for the forgotten, the damned, and the city itself, or will he walk away from the western world completely? DOORMAN is the stunning graphic novel debut of Australian actor / writer / illustrator, Mark Diaco.

https://www.doormancomic.com/2023-01-08 15:59:54
How to CartoonSelf publishedZineAdult content for mature readers.

Neale Blanden did it all

A guide to the recording of line and texts to produce novels of a graphical nature.

https://www.instagram.com/blandorama/2023-01-08 16:03:54
MEGA RAGE ROBOTO!Self publishedZineAdult content for mature readers.

Neale Blanden did it all.

Mainstream is the New Alternative Baby! A superhero comic for the masses.

https://www.instagram.com/blandorama/2023-01-08 16:07:25
Yew NorkerSelf publishedZine 

Neale Blanden did it all!

A middle class couple have white guilt in one panel cartoons.

https://www.instagram.com/blandorama/2023-01-08 16:09:44
4 PANEL FREAK OUT!Self publishedZine 

Neale Blanden did it all!

Four panel strips of a humorous nature (remember them?). NOTE: Some strips contain more than four panels.

https://www.instagram.com/blandorama/2023-01-08 16:12:18
The Devil's Toilet #3Psycho Janitor/Reverie PublicationsComic Book 

Written and illustrated by Rob Lisle

Issue 3 in an ongoing story.

psychojanitor.com2023-01-08 16:33:30
Sluggish #1Psycho JanitorComic Book 

Written and Illustrated by Rob Lisle

Depression, anxiety, and SLUGS! A comic book about a slug named Herb who is just living... or as close an approximation as he can manage.

psychojanitor.com2023-01-08 16:35:29
Vamoose #3Psycho Janitor/Reverie PublicationsAnthology 

Rob Lisle
Nick May
Dave Dye
Haydn Spurrell
Emily Grace
Dana Lawson
Ben Sullivan
N.S. Kane
Chris Pitcairn
Bec Halley
Peter Wilson
Robbie Donaldson
Millie Holten
Alex Major

An anthology of short stories with one central theme. Vamoose #3 is ROBOTS AND ROWBOATS and features the likes of Rob Lisle, Nick May, Dave Dye, Haydn Spurrell, Emily Grace, Dana Lawson, Ben Sullivan, Nicole Kane, Chris Pitcairn, Bec Halley, Peter Wilson, Robbie Donaldson, Millie Holten, and Alex Major.

psychojanitor.com2023-01-08 16:39:47
Curse Birds #3Self publishedZineAdult content for mature readers.

Jorden Allen-Barr, creator.

Curse Birds are a group of friends, perfectly ordinary in almost every way, except for the fact they are, in fact, birds. Apart from that, they could easily be imagined as a group of twenty-somethings living in contemporary Perth. This zine is the third issue in the series, and is made up of six isolated vignettes that portray the lives of these birds piece by piece, page by page. This issue is unique for being light on the expletives, relatively speaking.

https://gutless-jim.square.site/product/curse-birds-3/19?cs=true&cst=custom2023-01-08 18:34:25
Legion 3- stories of modern mythology Self published Collected Short StoriesAll ages

Written and illustrated by John lawry

Four new stories written and illustrated by John Lawry including chapter one of the new graphic novel Shine of the Moon- Defiance

legioncomics.earth2023-01-08 19:14:21
Shine of the Moon - Incursion Self published Graphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Collected Series: Trade PaperbackAll ages

Written and illustrated by John Lawry

The doors of Hell have opened. Shine Of The, Moon is on a quest to find why the world is being devoured by Demons. She has to leave Dale and all her friends to fight alone as she goes into the underworld to try to close the gates. What she finds Jules her to the call, is all this her fault? Book 10 in the series of graphic novels about Shine Of The Moon, a goblin from the 26 century.

legioncomice.earth2023-01-08 19:18:40
Batrisha and the Creepy CaretakerComicozGraphic Novel, Short StoryAll ages

Writer/Illustrator: Dillon Naylor
Designer: Ryan McDonald-Smith
Project coordinator/Publisher: Nat Karmichael

Gloomwood Hollow is a dark forgotten place, visited once a year by its creepy caretaker, Old Joe. Now, for the very first time, someone else is there, sitting in the shadows, waiting. A pale, dark-haired little girl and her two-tailed cat, hungering for the perfect scary story...
"Batrisha and the Creepy Caretaker" is a story written and illustrated by Ballarat-based artist Dillon Naylor. This hardcover book features Batrisha, a character Dillon first created in 2001 for children's magazine K-Zone.

https://www.comicoz.com/store/p49/Batrisha_and_the_Creepy_Caretaker_by_Dillon_Naylor..html2023-01-08 20:03:20
Emile Mercier: A Selection of CartoonsComicoz for the National Cartoon GalleryAnthologyAll ages

Written and illustrated by Emile Mercier
Designed by Shelley Brauer and Ryan McDonald-Smith
Proofreading by Margaret Cameron
Emile Mercier biography by Lindsay Foyle
Introduction by Michael Mercier
Cartoons selected by Gary Clark, Dr Richard Scully, Philip Bentley, Ian Jones, Phil Judd, PJ, Rosie and Elena
Project coordinated and Published by Nat Karmichael (Comicoz) for the National Cartoon Gallery

In recent years, cartoonist Emile Mercier's son Michael kindly donated his Father's cartoons to the National Cartoon Gallery for future preservation. This book's selection was especially chosen by some modern-day cartoonists and every-day Australians from all walks of life
Paperback, 150 pages, 27 cm x 20 cm. Includes a short biography of Emile's life by Lindsay Foyle (former editor of The Bulletin) and an introduction especially written for this volume by Emile's son.

https://www.comicoz.com/store/p50/Available_NOW%21_Emile_Mercier%3A_A_Selection_of_Cartoons.html2023-01-08 20:36:43
Batrisha the Vampire Girl: Ze Collected Comics, Volume 1A co-publication between Cowtown Comics and ComicoaComic Book Series, Comic Book, Anthology, Mini Comic, Collected Series: Trade Paperback, Collected Short StoriesAll ages

Written and Illustrated by Dillon Naylor
Project coordinated by Nat Karmichael

This 52-page comic collects Dillon Naylor's original early Batrisha comic stories that first appeared in K-Zone Comics ... over 20 years ago. It's the first co-production between Cowtown Comics and Comicoz.

https://www.comicoz.com/store/p51/Batrisha_The_Vampire_Girl_%28Ze_Collected_Comics%2C_Volume_1%29.html2023-01-08 20:49:50
Valiant SevenWebtoon (Self Published)Digital only / WebcomicAll ages

Astrovique (Illustrator and writer)

Sealing away the Demon of Destruction was meant to be the final step to restoring peace – but years later, the remaining warriors are still dealing with the aftermath of its influence. And when a shock attack leads to a resurgence of the Demon’s power, the now-retired warriors are forced to come together again to face an even worse enemy. But they’ve saved the world once before, so doing it one more time can’t be that hard… right?

https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/valiant-seven/list?title_no=7944382023-01-08 21:52:59
Walpole Kids Comics: New FriendsSelf publishedComic Book Series, Zine, Comic Strip: digital or printChildren under 12 years of age., All ages

Nathan Vass Viney, Cartoonist and Writer

Walpole Kids Comics: New Friends is the second book in the 'Walpole Kids' series, the first being 'The Little Litter Pickers.' The books include a variety of newspaper style comic strips involving 4 children on their punchline based adventures through life living in the Western Australian town of Walpole. The books cover local living, friendship, nature and more.
The characters are recognisable and have appeared in various Walpole media including the 2022-2023 local cirectory cover and a 2022 Art documentary.
The comics themselves appeared in South West/ Great Southern Newspapers on a regular basis from 2020 to the end of 2022. The newspapers featured were The Extra, Great Southern Weekender, Manjimup-Bridgetown Times, Albany Advertiser, Aurora Magazine and Walpole Weekly.

https://www.artbynathanviney.com/walpole-kids-comics2023-01-08 22:09:59
Walpole Kids Comics: New FriendsSelf publishedComic Book Series, Zine, Comic Strip: digital or printChildren under 12 years of age., All ages

Nathan Vass Viney, Cartoonist and Writer

Walpole Kids Comics: New Friends is the second book in the 'Walpole Kids' series, the first being 'The Little Litter Pickers.' The books include a variety of newspaper style comic strips involving 4 children on their punchline based adventures through life living in the Western Australian town of Walpole. The books cover local living, friendship, nature and more.
The characters are recognisable and have appeared in various Walpole media including the 2022-2023 local directory cover and a 2022 Art documentary.
The comics themselves appeared in South West/ Great Southern Newspapers on a regular basis from 2020 to the end of 2022. The newspapers featured were The Extra, Great Southern Weekender, Manjimup-Bridgetown Times, Albany Advertiser, Aurora Magazine and Walpole Weekly.

https://www.artbynathanviney.com/walpole-kids-comics2023-01-08 22:11:10
Rose & DahliaSelf PublishedDigital only / WebcomicAll ages

Cameron Davis, co-creator, writer, artist
Ryn Mutzafy-Thomson, co-creator, writer

Rose & Dahlia are two best friends who just want to make each other laugh, goof off and eat their body weight in noodles!

https://rosecomic.com2023-01-08 22:41:44
Manta #1 - #7Self publishedGraphic Novel, Comic Book, Zine, Collected Series: Trade PaperbackAll ages

Jorden Allen-Barr, creator.

"Manta #1 - #7" is the first collection of the zine series "Manta", spanning from the first issue to the latest over the length of 54 pages. Begun in late 2021, Manta has been released in zine format - 6 pages each, usually with an extra page on the back of the paper when unfolded. It follows the exploits of a diminutive thief and his mysterious pursuer. It is wordless - being without dialogue or narration - and rendered traditionally in black ink.

https://gutless-jim.square.site/product/manta-1-7-the-story-so-far/35?cp=true&sa=false&sbp=false&q=false&category_id=22023-01-09 00:40:47
Dragon Legacy: Prologue Self PublishedGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Comic Book, Comic Strip: digital or print, Digital only / Webcomic 

Gemma Holdway - Author and Illustrator.

In the wake of the Dragon-Human War, Nine Dragon clans known as ‘Caves’ face the aftermath of the devastation caused, defeated, their homes are destroyed and scattered, with one cave known as the ‘Ninth Cave’ peacefully unharmed by the conflict accepting exiles with welcome hospitality.

However, the threat of a civil war from those who want revenge for their destroyed homes against the humans looms. Not even constant appeasement by the Ninth Caves leader who wants no part of it can suppress the burning hatred in their hearts, and as growing support for retaliation looms, the leader of the Ninth Cave is forced to make an unpopular and consequential decision.

https://tapas.io/episode/12935712023-01-09 00:58:06
Windows: Northern Rivers - AustraliaDrawing the TimesMini ComicAll ages

Alex Mankiewicz - illustrator and writer

Inclusion in series for Dutch-based site with European grant to depict effect of global warming from/through a window; a 'window onto climate change'. This was the first outside of the Euro-zone - one deemed very relevant and key to highlight the global nature of the crisis. Done just days after the second huge flood to hit the Northern Rivers in weeks. Published on the site and for travelling exhibition.

https://drawingthetimes.com/story/window-comic-northern-rivers/2023-01-09 14:53:41
The High Cost of LivingSelf PublishedShort Story, Mini Comic, Digital only / WebcomicAdult content for mature readers.

Writer/Colours:: Shaun Sunday
Pencils/Inks/Letters: Adam Markiewicz

The High Cost of Living is a short story about Toxic Masculinity and pollution/climate change.
Published on GlobalComix and Webtoon
Rumours spread fast in Brisbane.
The Urbex groups have had warnings about certain tunnels for years, tales of people disappearing, of groups suffering horrific injuries and being chased out of the tunnels by…..something…..

https://globalcomix.com/c/the-high-cost-of-living2023-01-09 15:38:36
Talgard: Tome TwoGestaltGraphic Novel, Anthology, Collected Short StoriesAdult content for mature readers.

Gary Proudley, Writer
Justin Randall, Colourist
Wolfgang Bylsma, Letters/Editor
Sacha Bryning, Cover Artist
Campbell Whyte, Illustrator
Queenie Chan, Illustrator
Sacha Bryning, Illustrator
Robert Buratti, Illustrator
Lauren Armstrong, Illustrator
Tatiana Davidson, Illustrator
Gary Chaloner, Illustrator
Louie Joyce, Illustrator
Cody Anderson, Illustrator
Sarah Boxall, Illustrator
Daniel A. Becker, Illustrator
Cristian Roux, Illustrator
Paul Mason, Illustrator
Jana Hoffmann, Illustrator
Tim McEwen, Illustrator
Brenton McKenna, Illustrator

In a world of swords and sorcery, Talgard is a barbarian whose brain is a greater weapon than his brawn, with wit as sharp as his blade.

A collection of short comic stories from the world of Talgard, each illustrated by an emerging or established Australian comics storyteller.

https://www.gestaltcomics.com/talgard/2023-01-09 16:01:58
Food/LoveGestaltGraphic NovelAll ages

Gary Proudley, Writer
Jake Bartok, Artist
Wolfgang Bylsma, Editor/Letters
Emily Harvey, Recipes

FOOD/LOVE is a gastronomic experience for the heart, where memory and flavour are deliciously combined.

https://www.gestaltcomics.com/shelf/food-love/2023-01-09 16:04:21
Indigiverse: Dark Heart #1GestaltComic Book Series, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Scott Wilson, Writer
Benny Eggmolesse, Executive Producer
Katie Houghton-Ward, Artist
Justin Randall, Colour Artist
Wolfgang Bylsma, Editor/Letters

The Indigiverse begins here! Gooniyandi-Miriuwung Gajerrong man Scott Wilson's vision for an Aboriginal Superhero Universe, inspired by First Nations culture and stories. 

Most people are oblivious to the dangers that lurk in the shadows. Dark Heart reveals a 65,000 year old story of the Elder Protectors that stand between Us and Them. They defend the Lore that protects the people. If the Lore is broken by the dying of the light, who will stand and protect us from the evil that comes in the night?

https://www.gestaltcomics.com/shelf/dark-heart-1/2023-01-09 16:12:51
Unmasked: The Sinister #1Gestalt Comic Book Series, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Christian D. Read, Writer
Trev Wood, Artist
Wolfgang Bylsma, Editor/Letters

Broken warriors chosen as champions by the Gods… but just how many shattered skulls and gouged eyes does the path to redemption demand?

https://www.gestaltcomics.com/shelf/unmasked-the-sinister-1/2023-01-09 16:15:05
You Can't Kill Us vol 4Self PublishedGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers.

John Hanna - writer, illustrator, designer, letterer

You Can't Kill Us is a cyberpunk adventure set in a vivid world where corporations rule over the last remnants of humanity, and where flesh is the most valuable commodity. You Can't Kill Us is a self-published, ongoing series.

Mars – A hell of a place. Francis is haunted by his trauma-fuelled, war-torn past, as he goes on the hunt for clues to his missing family, in the more seedier parts of town. Meanwhile, Marina and the Sergeant meet with the Futou Oribital Industires CEO, Dyson Poole, as he puts on the pressure to find Francis. Little does he know though, that the Sergeant and his team have a much shadier ulterior motive to being there on Futou…

52 pgs

https://ownaindi.com/shop/comics/you-cant-kill-us-vol-4/2023-01-09 18:32:48
CursedSelf publishedGraphic Novel, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers.

John Hanna - writer, illustrator, designer, letterer

Cursed is a one-shot horror story, about being careful what you wish for. Self published, and sold for free online, as well at local conventions in NSW and QLD.

Be Careful what you wish for...

Jamie has been having a hard time lately. Reeling from a bad breakup & losing his shop, he’s struggling to make ends meet. When by chance at a party he doesn’t want to be at, he meets an old friend, who offers him something that can turn his luck around… But is it really a powerful charm that will bring him fortune and happiness? Or rather – a terrible curse?

28 pgs

https://ownaindi.com/shop/comics/cursed/2023-01-09 18:42:22
Don't SleepSelf publishedGraphic Novel, Comic Book, Short StoryAdult content for mature readers.

John Hanna - writer, illustrator, designer, letterer

Don't sleep is a one-shot, true story, self published, sold in digital pdf online, and physical copies available at local conventions in NSW and QLD.

This is a true story of something that happened to me. If you don’t believe me… That’s your problem – coz this actually happened!

28 pgs

https://ownaindi.com/shop/comics/dont-sleep/2023-01-09 18:45:43
Limit vol 6Self publishedGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Comic BookAll ages

John Hanna - writer, illustrator, designer, letterer

Limit is an adrenaline fuelled, street racing adventure about a disgraced racing car driver, who becomes a getaway driver for the most ambitious heist in local history. Cultivated over 20 years and initially pitched as an Australian feature film, Limit is a self-published, ongoing series, sold as digital pdf online, and in physical copies at local and interstate conventions in NSW and QLD.

When Blake is introduced to the crew by Voltron, some members show reservation about allowing Blake into the score. Once again, Blake will have to prove to everyone that without a doubt, he is the man for the job. Time for a joyride!

40 pgs

https://ownaindi.com/shop/comics/limit-vol-6/2023-01-09 18:48:16
Machine//Heart Solid State CollectionSelf publishedGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Comic Book, Collected Series: Trade PaperbackAdult content for mature readers.

John Hanna - writer, illustrator, designer, letterer

Machine//Heart Solid State Collection is the collected works of the four-volume existential action sci fi series of Machine//heart. Written and illustrated over the span of 8 years, it's been self published, sold in digital pdf online, available online to read for free on webtoons, and available as a physical copy at local and interstate conventions in NSW and QLD.

“Beth Saunders wakes up to expired milk in the fridge, a calendar months out of date, and a furious boyfriend who claims she’s been out of contact for an entire semester of university.

What happened in those missing months? Why does Beth suddenly know things that she can’t explain? And how is she able to brutally slaughter four thugs who chase her down a back alley?

This Four Volume omnibus covers Beth’s action-packed journey to find answers; and the world-altering consequences that those answers bring. If you loved Ghost In The Shell’s exploration of identity and meaning, and Judge Dredd’s raw violence and power, then Machine Heart is your next must-read!”

284 pgs

https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/machineheart/list?title_no=673464&page=12023-01-09 18:56:35
Making Friends Self publishedComic Book, Short Story, Mini ComicAdult content for mature readers., X rated content. Not for minors.

Just myself

A 7-page short story comic of the classic story Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
There are two characters in this short comic Victor and his creation who I call Frankie who he made.
So, Victor wants to have the perfect friend, so he decides to create one himself by digging up body parts, stitching them together and shocking the life into his creation Frankie, and after victor invites him out for ice cream, beautiful story, right? Well, I have put some dark humour into the comic along the way to get a little chuckle out of people and shock them while reading.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CkuL2xUvs9F/2023-01-09 19:06:19
We Run TomorrowPenguin Random House AustraliaGraphic NovelChildren under 12 years of age.

Nat Amoore, writer.
Mike Barry, artist.

Superstar kid-lit author Nat Amoore and acclaimed graphic novelist Mike Barry join forces to create this electrifying novel/graphic novel mashup about four comic book obsessed best friends and the adults in their lives who are threatening to tear their friendships apart.

When they discover their favourite comic book series is being made into a blockbuster movie, the friends know what they have to do. Get to the audition. Get the parts. Stay together.

https://mikebarrywashere.com/we-run-tomorrow/2023-01-10 11:42:28
Art by Others - Stories by Danny Nolan Volume 2SHIDOT ProductionsAnthology, Collected Short StoriesAll ages

Danny Nolan writer
Shane Walsh Smith art & letters. PARADISO V
Joe Nolan art & letters PICASO FUNNIES
ALCHEM (Michael Barnard) art , letters & colours FAITHBOUND
Danny Nolan art RETIREMENT

A collection of short Sci Fi stories with a twist celebrating some of Australia's best and up & coming artists.

https://dvn61.blogspot.com/p/free-comic-download-2021-art-by-others.html2023-01-10 12:04:11
Space Cat: This is Space Catself-publishedComic BookAll ages

Gene Whitlock ('Dangergene') - Artist/Writer/Creator

Space Cat is a scifi adventure series that leans heavily into fun and funny stuff. 'This Is Space Cat' starts are an introduction to the character, but oversharing personal details leaves Space Cat open to identity theft. The book is compromised, hacking ensues.

 2023-01-10 20:24:41
Space Cat: The HungerSelf PublishedComic BookAll ages

Gene Whitlock ('Dangergene')

Space Cat is a scifi adventure series that leans heavily into food, shopping and space hijinx!

'The Hunger' follows Space Cat on holiday at the Innaminka Station hotel. When confronted with an empty snack bar, he pops out for dinner. All goes well until he crashes, and a trek to find food, to survive, takes him on a journey into the true meaning of friendship.

 2023-01-10 20:31:31
HelboundSelf PublishedShort StoryAll ages

Helen Graham

Helbound is a standalone comic in the style of an episodic mystery narrative. Exploring anxiety and PTSD in the form of hauntings, the core of this story is rooted in the authors lived experience.

https://juimon.com/comics2023-01-12 17:46:17
Point Blank - Six Crime StoriesSelf published Collected Short StoriesAll ages, Adult content for mature readers.

James killian, cover and interior illustrations. Alex bennetts, writer, lettering, design

Six short captivating comics about crimes with twists and turns along the way.

https://www.alexanderbennetts.com/point-blank2023-01-12 22:20:09
Fart Puppies 10: Drop The F BombDrawn Out DadComic Book Series, Comic BookChildren under 12 years of age., All ages

Manuel Bouw - writer and artist.
Maarten Bouw - editor.
Steve Almanzi - graphic designer.

Into it's 10th issue the Fart Puppies are one of Australia's longest running kid's comics.
The 10th issue sees the Fart Puppies captured and their farts put into a bomb, with hilarious results.

 2023-01-14 13:51:55
POLAROIDSAmplified PressComic Book, Short StoryAll ages 

POLAROIDS is about teenage insomniac artist Syd, who suddenly discovers one night that they can materialise monsters into real life by drawing them onto Polaroid photographs. As news of the creatures start to shake the town, conflict with school bully Caleb prompt Syd to experiment with what happens when they draw a monster onto a picture of a person...

https://amplifiedpress.com/product/polaroids/2023-01-15 23:36:37
POLAROIDSAmplified PressComic Book, Short StoryAll ages 

POLAROIDS is about teenage insomniac artist Syd, who suddenly discovers one night that they can materialise monsters into real life by drawing them onto Polaroid photographs. As news of the creatures start to shake the town, conflict with school bully Caleb prompt Syd to experiment with what happens when they draw a monster onto a picture of a person...

https://amplifiedpress.com/product/polaroids/2023-01-15 23:38:07
The Ballad Of Sir HanselotStupid Fresh MessShort Story, Digital only / WebcomicAll ages

Dean Rankine

A short story based on Skottie Young's I Hate Fairyland.

https://skottieyoung.substack.com/p/untold-tales-of-i-hate-fairyland-70f2023-01-16 12:28:13
The HunchoverStupid Fresh MessShort Story, Mini Comic, Digital only / WebcomicAll ages

Dean Rankine - Writer/Artist

A short story based on Skottie Young's characters from I Hate Fairyland.

https://skottieyoung.substack.com/p/untold-tales-of-i-hate-fairyland-5992023-01-16 14:58:03
Stalagmite Memories of Ancient RainfallPages HorizonsMini ComicAll ages

Ali Kimbrough: Writer / Letterer
Daniel A. Becker: Artist

"Stalagmite Memories of Ancient Rainfall" is a mini comic featured in Volume 2 of the science communication journal "Past Global Changes" by Pages Horizons. This volume is a collection of short stories, illustrated or otherwise, about ecological science that relates to climate change, past and present. The short comic mentioned above tells the story of an intrepid young girl who was interested in rocks and caves, who grows up to study geology and ancient rainfall. Using Stalagmites from caves, our scientist creates a proxy timeline showing the amount and quality of monsoon rain that fell over hundreds of thousands of years, and uses that data to understand how it might change from a hotter planet.

https://pastglobalchanges.org/publications/pages-magazines/pages-horizons/1292332023-01-17 11:27:18
Barista From HellSelf publishedComic BookAll ages

Alyce Sarich, artist & writer

When Sandy shows up for her shift at the cafe, she is shocked to see that the newbie she has to train is a demon... But why does no one else seem to notice or care?

A cute coffee shop romance with a supernatural twist!

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/63289801-barista-from-hell2023-01-18 12:58:16
Aussie Battler and the Down Unders #3Drawn Out DadComic Book Series, Comic BookAll ages

Maarten Bouw - writer and interior artwork.
Steve Almanzi - digital artwork.
Jamie Johnson - cover art.

Issue 3 of Aussie Battler and the Down Unders sees Dropbear and Dropbear Jr in a secret government facility fighting against a mutated shark.
Meanwhile Oz discusses his going walk-about with his father, which leads to tension.
Lastly the Champion toga finds a new owner.

 2023-01-18 20:01:12
Spell Kitty #8Drawn Out DadComic Book Series, Comic BookChildren under 12 years of age., All ages

Manuel Bouw - writer and artist.
Steve Almanzi - digital art.

Issue 8 of the series sees Spell Kitty go up against The Catcher.
How will Australia's favourite magical cat get out of this predicament? I suspect something magical will occur.

 2023-01-18 20:04:08
Fart Puppies 10: Drop The F BombDrawn Out DadComic Book Series, Comic BookChildren under 12 years of age.

Manuel Bouw - writer and artist

The tenth issue of Fart Puppies sees the gang dog-napped and their farts captured.
How will they get out of this one?
You better believe it's going to get gross.

 2023-01-18 20:22:35
Aussie Battler and the Down Unders #3Drawn Out DadComic Book Series, Comic BookChildren under 12 years of age., All ages

Maarten Bouw - writer and artist.
Steve Almanzi - digital artist.
Jamie Johnson - cover artist.

Issue 3 of Aussie Battler and the Down Unders finds Dropbear and Dropbear Jr in a secret government facility fighting a giant shark.
Meanwhile Oz sits down with his Dad to discuss Oz's decision to go walkabout.
Lastly the Champion toga finds a new owner.

 2023-01-18 20:25:22
Fart Puppies #10Drawn Out DadComic Book Series, Comic Book 

Manuel Bouw -writer and artist.

In the tenth issue the Fart Puppies get dog napped by an evil scientist who captures their farts.
How will it end? Something tells me it’ll get gross.

 2023-01-18 20:52:03
Satellites: a science fiction anthologySelf publishedAnthologyAll ages

Where a creator provided all visual components of their inclusion, I have listed them as "artist". All others have been specified as "penciller", "inker" or "colourist".

Haydn Spurrell, writer, letterer, editor
Kira Tucker, artist
Brendan Halyday, penciller, inker
Jeff Edis, colourist
Peter Wilson, writer, artist
Ben Sullivan, artist
Ken Best, penciller, inker
Liam Merrick, writer
Rob Lisle, artist
Grace Stuart, artist
Jessica Lewis, writer
Lauren Tan, cover artist, artist
John Lawry, artist
Bryony May, artist

Satellites: a science fiction anthology is a collection of short stories. Each story is disconnected, but each springs from a single, unifying premise: that the Earth is no longer habitable, and humans have taken to the stars to try and begin again. The writers and artists respond, in their own unique way and across a range of sub-genres, to the need for unity in the face of tragedy.

https://ownaindi.com/shop/comics/satellites-a-science-fiction-anthology/2023-01-21 12:30:56
Innocent Man Issue #43Self publishedComic Book SeriesAdult content for mature readers.

Gnostick Comics Australia

Innocent Man is back for his second and final volume!

Innocent Man and Medusa welcome their new son into the world, a Giant Spider! And everything seems rosy in Innocent Man's life, but he cannot shake that nagging feeling that there is something dark and foreboding on the horizon... and there is, it is called The Behemoth and it is on its way to trample Innocent Man's home town. Innocent Man makes some new friends, the stoics and the nymphs!

http://gnostickcomics.com/2023-01-22 00:05:01
Innocent Man Issue #44Self publishedComic Book SeriesAdult content for mature readers.

Gnostick Comics Australia

Innocent Man and Medusa go on a date to see the collaborative play created by Sophocles and Aristophanes, "Tragedy or Comedy?", and they leave their son, The Giant Spider, at home with the stoics and the nymphs. Will their son overcome the urge to eat these guests? This comic has an ending you will not see coming!

http://gnostickcomics.com/2023-01-22 00:09:43
Our RealitySelf PublishedDigital only / WebcomicAdult content for mature readers.

Ethan Harris

A webcomic that follows the story of a scientist couple experimenting with time to save Dari from an incurable illness. Designed in relation to an honours degree research project, investigating how time can be represented in the vertically scrolling webcomic format.

https://www.instagram.com/p/Cms43eOjEsE/2023-01-22 19:18:17
the witch and the knightSelf publishedComic Book, Short Story, Zine, Digital only / WebcomicAll ages

Alice Lam, writer/illustrator

A short comic about a story being told over and over again, with some versions being more true than others. Initially published online, before being printed for the Zina Warrior Print-Fest.

https://tapas.io/series/witch-and-knight/info2023-01-23 12:01:45
a ghost in the frameSelf publishedComic Book, Short Story, Zine, Digital only / WebcomicAll ages

Alice Lam, writer/illustrator
Oliver Hallett, colourist
Ren Wang, colourist

A short comic about two teens investigating a supposed haunting in an abandoned theatre. Initially published/shown off at the Zina Warrior Print-Fest, before being uploaded online.

https://tapas.io/series/a-ghost-in-the-frame/info2023-01-23 12:17:35
The Portrait PainterVoiceworksShort Story, Comic Strip: digital or printAll ages

Caroline Zijing

Three page comic published in ‘Voiceworks Issue 126: Portrait’.

https://www.carolinezijing.com/comics2023-01-23 14:01:36
A LightnessSelf publishedComic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Sarah Winifred Searle, creator

A fantastical comic in which someone journeys to soothe the mysterious Ache in their chest. Originally released as part of the 2022 ShortBox Comics Fair.

https://swinsea.itch.io/a-lightness2023-01-25 15:26:41
A Question of Promise: The MovieSelf publishedComic BookAll ages

Thuyen Nguyen, writer & artist

When a mysterious storm results in the loss of the two most important people in Eric’s life, he struggles to accept the truth behind their disappearance and the role he played in it.

Embracing the trope that is the “cancelled TV show that got one last hurrah with a feature-length movie,” creator Thuyen Nguyen returns with “A Question of Promise: The Movie;” both a digest and epilogue to the comic series. We find our protagonist Eric living in his cousin’s office, now homeless due to the events of the last issues. He is also alone—his long-time companions Dice and Eden are gone (they being the sentient pool-of-water, and girlfriend respectively). Unable to deal with the regret of not joining them, Eric goes through the stages of grief in a series of increasingly crazier scenarios that range from modern to mystic. Series regulars Alvin and McMahon help (hinder?) him along the way, and Eden’s best friend Erin returns with quite a different perspective on her disappearance. “A Question of Promise: The Movie” encapsulates the humour and quiet poignancy that the series is known for in a 64-page special that gives closure to the overall series without being too fan-centric. It’s a greatest hits album with a new track that should satisfy old fans and have new fans seeking out the previous issues, all of which have been collected in two trade volumes.

www.devinquest.com2023-01-25 21:57:46
Fortress - Issue 3Self publishedComic Book Series, Comic BookAll ages

Joel van der Knaap, creator, writer, artist.

Caleb is a wanted man. His power, the prize. A war which he thought was won, now threatens to be unleashed again. It’s instigator, Voron, has sent Hexa to engage bounty hunters for a second attempt at capturing Caleb. Meanwhile, Old Roy waits for Itar’s signal and decides to make some much needed repairs.

This is the third issue of Fortress, an ongoing action sci-fi series, self published by Joel van der Knaap under the banner of Roam Comics. Genre mayhem at it's finest!

https://www.fortresscomic.com2023-01-26 16:28:45
Steady Diet #2Blueprint ComicsComic Book, Anthology, Collected Short StoriesAdult content for mature readers.

Contributors include Amy Ge & Victoria Zhou, Anita Gallagher, Fionn McCabe, Hum, Kazkom, Late Harris, Scott Wrigg, Tayla Colley, Teasheen Chuah and Wilton Lander. Cover by Chris Yee. Edited by Chris Neill.

Steady Diet #2 is a collection of 10 self-contained short stories exploring the theme of food, created by some of Australia’s best-emerging cartoonists. Each issue of Steady Diet includes a completely new lineup of cartoonists and is designed to give readers a taste of what’s happening in the Australian indie comics scene.

https://blueprintcomics.gumroad.com/2023-01-26 19:33:10
Who Was The Girl Warrior of France?: Joan of ArcPenguin Workshop Graphic Novel, Comic BookChildren under 12 years of age.

Sarah Winifred Searle

Discover the story behind Joan of Arc and her journey to triumph in the Hundred Years' War in this captivating graphic novel -- written by Sincerely, Harriet author Sarah Winifred Searle and illustrated by award-winning cartoonist Maria Capelle Frantz.

Presenting Who HQ Graphic Novels: an exciting new addition to the #1 New York Times Best-Selling Who Was? series!

Follow Joan of Arc on her journey to convince the Dauphin to let her lead the French army in the Battle of Orleans and win the Hundred Years' War. A story of faith, courage, and determination, this graphic novel invites readers to immerse themselves in the life of the teenage French heroine -- brought to life by gripping narrative and vivid full-color illustrations that jump off the page.

https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/648082/who-was-the-girl-warrior-of-france-joan-of-arc-by-sarah-winifred-searle-illustrated-by-maria-capelle-frantz/2023-01-27 07:27:48
Serendipity (chapter: Keagan's Heaven On Earth)Text PublishingMini Comic, Comic Strip: digital or printAll ages

Sarah Winifred Searle

Appeared in Serendipity: Ten Romantic Tropes, Transformed, edited by Marissa Meyer.

The secret admirer.
The fake relationship.
The matchmaker.

A swoon-worthy collection of stories of first love, unrequited love, love that surprises, love that’s been there all along. Ten of the brightest and award-winning authors writing YA have taken on some of your favourite romantic tropes, embracing them and turning them on their heads. Readers will fall for this collection of stories that celebrate love at its most humorous, inclusive, heart-expanding, and serendipitous.

Edited by Marissa Meyer, contributors include: Elise Bryant (Happily Ever Afters), Elizabeth Eulberg (The Lonely Hearts Club), Leah Johnson (You Should See Me in a Crown), Anna-Marie McLemore (When the Moon Was Ours), Marissa Meyer (the Lunar Chronicles), Sandhya Menon (Dimpleverse books), Julie Murphy (Dumplin’), Caleb Roehrig (Last Seen Leaving), Sarah Winifred Searle (Sincerely Harriet) and Abigail Hing Wen (Loveboat, Taipei).

 2023-02-01 09:44:48
big beautiful female theoryAffirm PressGraphic Novel 

Eloise Grills, writer and artist.

Part feminist manifesto, part comic book, big beautiful female theory is a carnivalesque exploration of the ways identity is formed through culture, relationships and the weight of society’s expectations. Without falling into a simple recovery narrative, these essays also resonate with humour, which gives a sense of delight and optimism in defiance of difficult circumstances and unfair patriarchal structures.

With breathtaking honesty and fierce wit, Eloise Grills turns her life, her body and her mind into art, confronting what it means to grow up in an increasingly unfathomable world.

This book was published by Affirm Press in June 2022.

https://affirmpress.com.au/publishing/big-beautiful-female-theory/2023-02-01 10:10:24
Fragments of memoir I have written while trying to turn my back on memoirThe GuardianDigital only / Webcomic 

Eloise Grills, writer and artist.

This comics essay examines the experience of publishing an extremely personal book and how it has made me reflect on my relationship to my art, insecurity, vulnerability and whether it is worth telling revealing stories, at all.
It was published by the Guardian in December 2022.

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/ng-interactive/2022/dec/10/whats-it-like-to-publish-a-deeply-personal-memoir2023-02-01 10:15:09
Sizzle and Doug into the MultiverseComX StudioComic BookAll ages

Rob Lisle, Pete Fairfax, Ryan Vella, Sheydin Dew, Angie Spice, Shannon Browning, Peter Lawson, Ben Sullivan, Duncan Pranevicius, Peter Wilson, Nicole Kane, Chris Pitcairn, Logan French, Alex Major, Claudia Estrada, Dana King, Leigh Chalker, Tony Davidson, Ed Kearsley, Nicholas Cleary, Gary Proudley, Wolfgang Bylsma, Tim McEwen, Julian Velasco, Dave Dye, Nick May, Alister Lockhart, Dushan Silva, Stuart Black, Mickey Scott, Dan May, Millie Holten, Chris Wood

A fundraising comics jam book edited by Shane Syddall and Rob Lisle. Limited to a numbered run of 100 copies.

https://comx.shop/product/sizzle-doug-into-the-multiverse-numbered2023-02-02 13:24:13
The Greatest ThingAllen & UnwinGraphic NovelAdult content for mature readers.

Sarah Winifred Searle, author and illustrator

This tender YA comic is perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier's Drama and Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham's Real Friends who are ready to graduate to their first teen graphic novel.

It's the first day of Grade Ten, and Winifred is going to reinvent herself. Now that her two best (and only) friends have transferred to a private school, Win must navigate high school on her own. Luckily, she isn't alone for long. In art class, she meets Oscar and April. They don't look or act like the typical teenagers in her town: they're creative, a little rebellious and seem comfortable in their own skin in a way that Win can only dream of.

But even though Winifred is breaking out of her shell, there's one secret she can't bear to admit to April and Oscar, or even to herself - and this lie threatens everything. Win needs to face her own truths, but she doesn't need to do it alone. Through the healing power of clandestine sleepovers, op-shopping and zine publishing, Win finds and accepts what it means to be herself.

https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/book/Sarah-Winifred-Searle-Greatest-Thing-9781761067655/2023-02-02 15:42:15
Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons Vol. 3DC ComicsGraphic Novel, Comic Book SeriesAdult content for mature readers.

Nicola Scott (artist), Annette Kwok (colourist).

The third and final chapter of the critically lauded and Eisner-nominated secret history of the Amazons crescendos with the inevitable-an all-out war against the gods. When Zeus discovers the goddesses defied him by creating the Amazons, seemingly nothing can stop his fervor to eliminate their warriors…not even Hera herself. But the Amazons’ numbers have grown, and there is a distinctly and unpredictably human element among their ranks now in Hippolyta and the tribe she leads. Their very fight for existence will alter the course of history itself and bring about one of the greatest protectors the world has ever known!

https://www.dc.com/comics/wonder-woman-historia-the-amazons-2021/wonder-woman-historia-the-amazons-32023-02-07 15:58:26
7 FragmentsSelf publishedAnthologyAdult content for mature readers.


7 Fragments is a collection of seven short comics and comic-poems about: love, loss, desire, obsession and the limbo.
From an ill-fated road-trip across Western Australia, to an extreme personal transformation after a break-up, this 32 page book is a visual exploration of big emotions, as well as the quiet everyday moments.
The anthology debuted at Perth Comic Arts Festival, August 2022

https://askastorytelling.com/books/anthologies/2023-02-07 20:39:34
Rainbow the Koala: Surviving the WildAllen & UnwinGraphic NovelChildren under 12 years of age.

Remy Lai

'Hi! I'm Rainbow and I'm a koala. My mum says it's time for me to go out and find a new home to call my own. But life in the bush can be scary! It's hard to find the perfect tree. A kookaburra keeps laughing at me. It's hot and I'm thirsty and … do I smell smoke?'

This inspiring series offers the perfect introduction for young readers to the wonders and perils of the natural world - and how we can all do our part to protect it.

https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/book/Remy-Lai-Rainbow-the-Koala:-Surviving-the-Wild-1-9781761065453/2023-02-08 09:03:59
Star the Elephant: Surviving the WildAllen & UnwinGraphic NovelChildren under 12 years of age.

Remy Lai

'Hi! I'm Star and I'm an elephant. There isn't enough food left on my island, so my herd has to split up. But the world out there is so big! Soon I am lost and alone, facing giant spiders and a big, wild ocean and the scariest thing of all … humans! Will I ever see my family again?'

This inspiring series offers the perfect introduction for young readers to the wonders and perils of the natural world - and how we can all do our part to protect it.

https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/book/Remy-Lai-Star-the-Elephant:-Surviving-the-Wild-2-9781760526849/2023-02-08 09:05:10
Sunny the Shark: Surviving the WildAllen & UnwinGraphic Novel 

Remy Lai

'Hi! I'm Sunny and I'm a shark. I love cruising the ocean with my pilot fish friends, looking for food. But sometimes things in the water are not what they seem ... Now a plastic ring is wrapped around my fin and it's tricky to hunt. Can I break free before winter sets in?'

This inspiring series offers the perfect introduction for young readers to the wonders and perils of the natural world - and how we can all do our part to protect it.

https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/book/Remy-Lai-Sunny-the-Shark:-Surviving-the-Wild-3-9781761065460/2023-02-08 09:07:02
Sherlock Bones and the Art and Science AllianceAllen & UnwinGraphic NovelChildren under 12 years of age.

Renee Treml

'Hi there, I'm Sherlock Bones - tawny frogmouth skeleton, chief sleuth and star of all museum-related investigations!

Today is an exciting day because the museum has a new exhibit - and a new mystery!

Together with my partners, the ever-brilliant Watts and talking bundle of fur Grace, I'm here to track down the ghost that's destroying the museum.

You might not be able to hear Watts, because, technically, she's a stuffed parrot, but I always know what she's thinking.

And right now she's thinking: Can we solve the mystery of the haunted painting?'

The intrepid Sherlock Bones and his quietly funny sidekick, Watts, and their animal friends are back to sneak around the museum and solve any mysteries that come their way. Full of fun, friendship and fascinating facts, this fabulous graphic novel is perfect for young readers who love adventure, mystery and a little bit of mayhem.

https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/book/Renee-Treml-Sherlock-Bones-and-the-Art-and-Science-Alliance-9781761065729/2023-02-08 09:08:15
Metropius - Forgotten RoseSelf PublishedComic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Metropius creator: Dan Macarthur
Creative Producer: Mel Poole
Artist: David Thor Fjalarsson
Writer: Ally Burnham

The Forgotten Rose comic #1 is the first of four comics telling the story of Goodall and his plight against the Metropius law enforcement, The Roses, and the Metropius Roots Rebels. Detective Goodall is investigating a missing Rose down in the Roots of Metropius when he uncovers some dark truths and corruption.

www.metropius.com2023-02-08 15:44:48
How to Be Your Own Little RatSelf publishedMini Comic, ZineAll ages

Loretta Ryan-Krawczyk

A mini comic about being gentle with yourself. Rat is building a home for themselves where they can live a soft life, full of love (and pancakes).

https://www.lorettark.com/rat-comic2023-02-10 10:23:31
Our Members Be Unlimited: a comic about workers and their unionsScribe PublicationsGraphic NovelAll ages

Sam Wallman, writer & illustrator.

An original and visually powerful exploration of unionism.

In our current political climate, people are looking for answers — and alternatives. The promise of unions is that their ‘members be unlimited’: that they don’t belong to the rich, the powerful, or special interests, but to all workers.

How did the idea of unionism arise? Where has it flourished? And what are its challenges in the 21st century? From Britain to Bangladesh, from the first union of the 18th century to today, from solidarity in Walmart China to his own experiences in an Amazon warehouse in Melbourne, comics journalist Sam Wallman explores the urge to come together and cooperate that arises again and again in workers and workplaces everywhere.

With a dynamic and distinctive art style, and writing that’s both thoughtful and down to earth, Our Members Be Unlimited serves as an entry point for young people or those new to these notions of collective action, but also as an invigorating read to those already engaged in the struggle for better working conditions — and a better world.

https://scribepublications.com.au/books-authors/books/our-members-be-unlimited-97819257130532023-02-10 13:05:57
Men I TrustScribe PublicationsGraphic NovelAdult content for mature readers.

Tommi Parrish, writer & illustrator.

Tommi Parrish’s sophomore graphic novel establishes them as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary literature.

Eliza is a thirtysomething struggling single mother and poet. Sasha, a twentysomething yearning for direction in life, just moved back in with her parents and dabbles as a sex worker. The two strike up an unlikely friendship that, as it veers towards something more, becomes a deeply resonant exploration of how far people are willing to go to find intimacy in a society that is increasingly closed off.

Parrish’s fully realised characters and gorgeously painted pages make Men I Trust one of the most moving and insightful works of fiction in any medium this year.

https://scribepublications.com.au/books-authors/books/men-i-trust-97819223108422023-02-10 13:08:50
Amphibia Noir Halftone productionsGraphic Novel 

Logan French - Creator/Writer/illustrator
Kieran Jack - Producer/illustrator
Bradley Adan - Editor/Letter

Amphibia Noir is a gritty, ultra-violent, pulp stylistic story from creator Logan French. Unfurl your eyelids, lick your fingers, and sink into your favourite backside coddler as we take a ride into the gritty, violent, and mysterious world of Amphibia noir. Follow a offbeat band of specialists as they unravel a tangled basket of lies and conspiracies while dodging street life, common thugs, and organised crime.

kickstarter.com/projects/halftoneproductions/amphibia-nior?ref=user_menu2023-02-10 14:02:29
The Talking Bread Volume 1 - Bready to RumbleHalftone ProductionsGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Collected Series: Trade PaperbackChildren under 12 years of age., All ages

Kieran Jack - Creator/Writer/illustrator
Clare Jack - Editor
Kieran Jack - Letter

18 slices of sentient bread are accidentally unleashed on a city, their insane creator the Master Baker and his creation of bakery monsters will stop at nothing to recapture his carbohydrate creations.
The Talking Bread is a 64 page trade paperback collection of issue 1 to 3 from the comic book series. The collection has been remastered in full colour.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/createdbykieran/the-talking-bread-volume-12023-02-10 14:07:05
The Diamond That LivedPatria NostraGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Short StoryAdult content for mature readers.

Paulus Linnaeus

Short story to accompany the main series of graphic novels. This is short story #2, published in 2022.

www.TheDemonhuntress.com2023-02-12 03:30:09
Shrine Entrance Vol 1Shrine ComicsAnthologyAll ages

Jin Chan Yum Wai, Publisher, Editor, Creator of Xero the King of Thieves

Designed to be the perfect entry point into the wonderful worlds of Shrine Comics. Shrine Entrance collects the first chapters of 12 series published on the Shrine Comics app. Shrine Comics is an Australian-owned business that publishes manga by creators from all over the world! This anthology includes Xero: The King of Thieves by Australian creator JIn Chan Yum Wai, who also is the founder of Shrine Comics.

https://shrinecomics.com2023-02-12 11:18:52
Draw your own lifeReverie (Gary Dellar)Short StoryAll ages

Danny Zemp, Artist
Jim Bridges, Writer
Gary Dellar, Publisher

These 8 pages are designed as a mental self help. Some people have trouble to express themselves. The mental issues they are dealing with they do it by themselves. The idea is to draw your story. Your way. I was chosen to as a professional cartoonist to draw one view. The way I see the story. I got a story given without any further instructions. I drew it the way I saw it. Another couple of people will be chosen to draw the same story in their way. The key is not to worry about how well one can draw, but to get the story onto paper. Even in form of stick figures. The goal is to draw your own life in your style and abilities.

 2023-02-12 11:56:28
Wonder Woman HISTORIA: The AmazonsDC ComicsGraphic Novel, Comic BookAll ages, Adult content for mature readers.

Nicola Scott, artist
Annette Kwok, colours.

The third volume of DC’s prestige Black Label series, HISTORIA: The Amazons, telling of the Amazon’s clash with the Gods, their sacrifice and their ray of hope for the future of humankind.

https://comicbookroundup.com/comic-books/reviews/dc-comics/wonder-woman-historia-the-amazons-(2021)/32023-02-12 12:54:03
Flood and other storiesSelf PublishedComic Book, Collected Short StoriesAdult content for mature readers.

Matt Rice

Flood and Other Stories is an anthology of short comics created by Brisbane based cartoonist Matt Rice between 2020 – 2022 in print form for the first time.
An eclectic mix of auto-biography, history, slice of life, and fiction comics certain to appeal to indie comics fans. 40 page comic in colour, published 2022.

https://instagram.com/mattrcomics2023-02-12 13:46:55
Battle for Bustle #4ComX StudioComic Book SeriesAll ages

Leigh Chalker: Writer and Artist
Tamera Gaylard: co-writer and letterer.

Christopher and his bodyguard Handson journey under the city to discover a past long buried. Though the past and future are about to collide! In this dystopian world surrounded by nightmares and a city gone mad, one man must fight to conquer the beast within and the beasts without, and this time he is not alone.

https://www.battleforbustle.com/2023-02-12 14:59:42
Dark Nebula #10 'Dinosaurs In Tasmania'Reverie/Southern Cross ComicsGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Comic BookAll ages

Tad Pietrzykowski (writer/creator), Shane Foley (illustrator) Dave de Vries (lettering/book design)

A story 65 Million Years in the making, 'Dinosaurs In Tasmania'. The least cosmic misadventure of Australia's cosmic superhero The Dynamic Dark Nebula, who's just on holidays in a region of Tasmania where it so happens that there's a myth, not unlike that of Loch Ness of Dinosaurs in the inland lakes of Tassie. So many people seeking their 15 minutes of fame, so little time.

www.thedarknebula.com2023-02-12 15:13:46
Heart of the MazeSelf PublishedGraphic NovelAll ages

Art by- Elton D'Souza, Tobin Kusuma. Ahmad Hasan, Jimi Titaley, Marielle Palcon.
Edited by Elton D'Souza

A diverse group goes on a quest to stop a plant maze from getting larger.

https://studioskiesandwater.gumroad.com/l/THOTM2023-02-12 16:09:58
Dog the SpotSelf publishedComic Strip: digital or printAll ages

Dudley Horque, writer and artwork

After a break of 8 and a half years, the one-off artsy comic strip Dog the Spot (which ended up going for 365 strips until mid 2013) made a return for another half year, along with shorter runs of theatre strip Just A Stage, and one-time radio character Professor Vessant.

horque.com2023-02-12 18:00:33
OpposightsSilent Army ProjectsAnthology 

Tom O’Hern, Rowan Tedge, Meg O’Shea, Tia Kass, Merv Heers, Mandy Ord, Natalia Zajaz
Carly Candiloro

Opposights : Alternative Comic Art Scenes from Australia and Portugal

http://www.silentarmy.org/opposights1.html2023-02-12 18:36:05
The Forgetting of WisdomSelf PublishedComic Book Series, Mini Comic, ZineAll ages

Simon McKeown, writer and illustrator

The sixth instalment of The Bendigo Pub Project of Oscar Lago, the Forgetting of Wisdom tells the story of Oscar Lago's arrival in Bendigo and the first day of his mission to drink in all the pubs of Bendigo in order to help him forget something. If only he could remember what it was he needed to forget.

https://simonmckeown.com.au/2023-02-12 18:44:38
GrowthNeighbourhood PressShort Story, Anthology, Mini ComicAll ages

Coda Owens, writer and illustrator.

A short comic about expectations, queer time philosophy and young adult life. From the second edition of the West Coast Comic Anthology, page 80.

https://www.neighbourhoodpress.net/shop/west-coast-comic-anthology-22023-02-12 20:42:50
ScarredCurtin Illustration ClubShort Story, Anthology, Mini ComicAll ages

Coda Owens, writer and illustrator.

A short comic part of the MYTH Anthology Volume 7, page 64.

https://curtin-cilc.tidyhq.com/2023-02-12 21:06:46
A Kangaroo's TaleSelf PublishedShort Story, Mini Comic, ZineAll ages

Simon McKeown, writer and illustrator

A Kangaroo’s Tale is a comic about a kangaroo facing down an existential crisis – life and death in the shadow of the Grampians. Loosely, very loosely, based on a true story.

https://simonmckeown.com.au/2023-02-12 23:25:16
Swipe Left BrownTrout Publishers AustraliaMini ComicAdult content for mature readers.

Bridget Hoadley (Illustrator/Designer)
BrownTrout Publishers (Publisher)

Published by BrownTrout Publishers, the Swipe Left 2022 calendar features eleven hilarious (and painfully awkward) dates – experienced by me.

Years ago there was a bit of chatter about publishing my Fig’s Dating Life comic (featured on social media). Then early 2021 the publisher reached out and asked to see a mock up of the Fig’s Dating Life comic as calendar. After a few rounds of edits it all went quiet. Until the publisher, rang me and said three simple words: “It’s going ahead”.

It’s crazy to think this side project went from low-key shits and giggles to lets share it with the world. In a calendar. For people to look at it for an entire 12 months!

https://www.elasticdesign.co.nz/portfolio_page/swipe-left/2023-02-13 09:53:38
Pacific HighwaySelf publishedComic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Shane Brouwer

An auto-bio comic that traverses the east coast of Australia.

 2023-02-13 11:14:19
von unaussprechlichen menschen (of unspeakable people)Gadzooxtian ProductionsGraphic NovelAdult content for mature readers.

Kristian Viktor Eldritch - writer/ artist

In 1927, the world’s greatest occult fiction writer, HP Lovecraft teamed up with the world’s greatest living occultist, Aleister Crowley. Their mission: to defeat insane cannibalistic child-murderers Peter Kürten and Albert Fish. A fantastical story of murder, magick, horror and madness, narrated by William Burroughs. - 436 pages, BW digital collages

http://www.gadzooxtian.com/comic.html2023-02-14 13:21:47
Fantastic CadaverThe Illustration Club - Self PublishedAnthology, Mini Comic, Comic Strip: digital or printAll ages

Artists & Authors: Tyson Elmer, Jorden Allan-Barr, Natasha Provan, Sally Henderson, Iluka Silversmith, Leander D'Cruz, Nina Dakin, Izzy French, Fascher, Rosie Moana Pickett, and Jorden Allan-Barr.
Published by The Illustration Club.

Fantastic Cadaver is a collaborative black and white
vertical comic in the spirit of the game 'Exquisite Corpse'.

Each participant was given 2800px of vertical space to add to an ongoing
improvised story. Once they completed their section, the artist then passed the working file onto the next person and so on.

In total 10 artists took part in the project, and the final comic was then printed on receipt paper. Printed, the comic measures 2.37 meters in length.

Fantastic Cadaver debuted at the Perth Comic Arts Festival 2022.

https://www.theillo.club/fantasticcadaver2023-02-15 01:58:15
Mama's Gotta WorkThe NibShort Story, Anthology, Collected Short StoriesAll ages

Eleri Harris, cartoonist (writer/artist)

Short non-fiction comic for The Nib magazine "Work" issue about accessible childcare.

https://thenib.com/mamas-gotta-work/2023-02-15 11:18:47
Mavis Plays PianoIsland MagazineShort StoryAll ages

Eleri Harris, cartoonist (writer/artist)

Short memoir comic about my grandmother, Mavis.

https://islandmag.com/buy-online/p/island-1662023-02-15 11:22:33
Point BlankSelf publishedComic Book, Collected Short StoriesAdult content for mature readers.

Alexander Bennets (Australian - writing, design, lettering)
James Killian (Irish - art, co-plotting)

A self-published collection of six short crime stories starring losers, scammers and contract killers who have one thing in common — a march towards bad, bad choices.

24 pages.

https://www.alexanderbennetts.com/point-blank2023-02-15 15:04:58
Bread Is Bread Is BreadWest Torrens Council, Adelaide SAShort Story, Mini Comic 

Katie Kitchen, artist, writer, researcher

Bread Is Bread Is Bread is an unconventional comic installation made in response to a brief from the West Torrens Council seeking art for a group exhibition celebrating the food and beverage manufacturing history of the West Torrens Council area of Adelaide.

It was displayed displayed in the Hamra Library location of the Council’s public Little Galleries during the South Australian History Festival from 1–31 May, with the exhibit running until 30 July 2022.

The comic looks between the lines of the newspapers to find a story of the West Torrens District Council clerk and the loaves of Maltina Bakery bread that he thought were ‘simply underweight’. The matter proved far more complicated, and over nine months in 1937, it rose from the Richmond Magistrates Court to the South Australian Supreme Court, as a magistrate, lawyers, a health inspector, a chemical analyst, two justices and others sought an answer to the question: what is bread?

https://www.westtorrens.sa.gov.au/Community/Community-arts/Westside-Stories-Little-Galleries-archive/Westside-Stories-Little-Galleries-May-20222023-02-15 18:25:20
Dead City LullabiesSelf publishedComic Book SeriesAdult content for mature readers.

Aidan Roberts - creator, writer, illustrator

Dead City Lullabies is a dystopian science fiction comics universe conceived, written and illustrated by Sydney-based artist Aidan Roberts. Originally planned as a series of very short stories depicting the end of several unnamed civilizations, told from the perspective of one (possibly immortal?) character, the idea has grown since its inception in 2006 into plans for a full graphic novel series, music score, and conceptual universe from which to draw many new stories. The first issue is now available to read on the Substack, and begins the story arc of Dr Elena Alpin.

https://deadcitylullabies.substack.com/2023-02-16 15:21:59
West Coast Comic Anthology #2: Stories from the twilight and periods of obscurityNeighbourhood PressGraphic Novel, Comic Book, Anthology, Collected Short StoriesAll ages

Ellen Broadhurst, Tim Meakins, Lew Ro, Maggie Johnson, Aśka, Nina Dakin, Scott Alexander-Mironov, Emma Flea, Sally Bower, Stuart Medley, Jessica McLeod and Edward J Grug III, Gloomy Doom, Vilde Espenes, Jorden Allen-Barr, Coda Owens, Blair Caulfield, Sarah Winifred Searle, Adam Yojimbo, Tyson/Goon, Andrei Buters, Oscar McKay, Shane Tholen, and Nora Alexander-Mironov.

Neighbourhood Press are proud to present the West Coast Comic Anthology #2, a celebration of local talent and the vibrant print method of Risograph. In this stunning follow up to the first West Coast Comic Anthology, a selection of twenty-four Western Australian comic and graphic artists were asked to create work that responded to the theme of ‘stories from the twilight and periods of obscurity’. These narrative based works could be anything from a single page illustration to a longer comic. Artists were challenged to create works that showcase the unique print method in which this book was produced.

All proceeds from this comic anthology will go towards creating more community based projects like this one, that promote and support local creatives. This anthology would not have been possible without the contributed works from the following featured artists: Ellen Broadhurst, Tim Meakins, Lew Ro, Maggie Johnson, Aśka, Nina Dakin, Scott Alexander-Mironov, Emma Flea, Sally Bower, Stuart Medley, Jessica McLeod and Edward J Grug III, Gloomy Doom, Vilde Espenes, Jorden Allen-Barr, Coda Owens, Blair Caulfield, Sarah Winifred Searle, Adam Yojimbo, Tyson/Goon, Andrei Buters, Oscar McKay, Shane Tholen, and Nora Alexander-Mironov.

Designed, Risograph printed and published by Neighbourhood Press as a limited run of 500 paperback books. Each 108 page book is 185mm x 260mm and is printed on uncoated FSC® certified paper using plant-based Risograph inks in black, blue, mint, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, flat gold, teal, orange, red, yellow and green . Cover, title illustrations and publication design by Nora Alexander-Mironov.

https://www.neighbourhoodpress.net/shop/west-coast-comic-anthology-22023-02-16 15:34:46
Historia Volume 3Dc comics Comic Book Series, Comic BookAll ages

Nicola Scott- artist

We follow the next step in the history of the amazons, how they ended up in themyscira and the price they pay

https://www.dc.com/comics/wonder-woman-historia-the-amazons-2021/wonder-woman-historia-the-amazons-32023-02-16 15:40:35
Harry's Pizza Volume OneAmplified PressComic Book, Mini ComicAll ages

Rebecca Sheedy, writer, artist, letterer, colourist. Georgina Chadderton, pinup artist. Owen Heitmann, pinup artist.

Beloved Adelaide autobio zinester Rebecca Sheedy makes a rare foray into fiction with Harry’s Pizza.

Join Harry the fox and his friends Oliver the dog, Jim the bear, and Sophie the cat (plus special cameo by Patrick Stewart) as they navigate life highs and lows—all while consuming delicious pizza!

From discussing the seemingly impossible dream of home ownership to conducting culinary experiments with caffeinated pizza, Harry and friends bring these pages to life in a series of funny, relatable and heart-warming vignettes.

Whether your preference is for deep dish or thin crust, Harry’s Pizza is sure to delight!

https://amplifiedpress.com/product/harrys-pizza-volume-one/2023-02-16 18:22:30
KoiAmplified PressGraphic Novel, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Adam Gillespie, writer, artist, letterer, colourist. Finn O'Sullivan, pinup artist. Owen Heitmann, pinup artist. Jana Hoffmann, pinup artist.

In the far-flung reaches of space, First Officer Daniel Gray is alone. Alone in a vast spaceship, and alone in the even vaster universe. As the last member of the human race, he follows the same routine every day, waiting for his clock to wind down and bring to an end all the possibilities that once filled mankind’s future. And then one day he encounters something inexplicable — something that opens the door to more possibilities than Daniel had ever imagined…

Koi is a cerebral, cinematic science fiction story by Adam Gillespie, a South Australian comics maker and film buff. The self-contained 80-page perfect-bound graphic novel is told largely in Adam’s signature black and white style, but with added spot colour throughout to highlight the mysterious encounter at the centre of the story. Three full-colour pinups by Owen Heitmann, Jana Hoffmann and Finn O’Sullivan complete the book.

https://amplifiedpress.com/product/koi/2023-02-16 18:24:41
Personal GrowthAmplified PressComic Book, Short Story, Mini ComicAll ages

Sarah Milne, writer, artist, letterer, colourist.

A brief but mesmerising soliloquy on love, loss and mushrooms.

After a divorce, an unnamed narrator retreats to a cabin in the woods, where they ruminate on the collapse of their relationship. This recital, however, is juxtaposed against eerie visual sequences—a dual narrative that unfolds with haunting inevitability.

Offering both philosophical thoughtfulness and scenes of exquisitely discomforting body horror, Personal Growth will linger with you long after you finish reading.

This inventive tour de force of storytelling was commissioned for a live reading at the 2021 Papercuts Comics Festival and is now available in a printed edition.

https://amplifiedpress.com/product/personal-growth/2023-02-16 18:26:03
A Space Oddity (second edition)Amplified PressComic Book, Mini ComicAll ages

Owen Heitmann, writer, artist, letterer, colourist.

With dry wit and unexpected plot twists, A Space Oddity is a comedy about space travellers Rich and Sally and their encounter with one righteous dude.

Originally created as a 24-hour comic in black and white, the story was revised and expanded for print, with full colour and new lettering. A postscript also offers a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process.

This second edition has a new cover and further revised artwork throughout, making this the definitive edition of A Space Oddity.

https://amplifiedpress.com/product/a-space-oddity/2023-02-16 18:28:14
Doodads: A Collection of Short Fictional ComicsAmplified PressComic Book, Anthology, Collected Short StoriesAll ages

George Rex (Georgina Chadderton), writer, artist, letterer, colourist.

Step into the many worlds of George Rex! An adventurous skateboarder, a detective dog, a monster with a lot of feelings… Doodads collects half a dozen out-of-print minicomics, originally self-published in extremely limited numbers, plus bonus extras!

With 60 pages of colourful illustrations and fun stories, "Doodads" is a whimsical and entertaining collection of all-ages short comics.

http://www.georgerexcomics.com/shop/doodads-fiction-comics-collection2023-02-16 18:32:09
Eleven Comics Exercises You Won't Believe You Must TrySelf PublishedComic Book Series, Zine, Collected Short StoriesAdult content for mature readers. 

Eleven Comics Exercises is a collection of exercises and comics that I (mostly) made up to help me improve and expand my own comics practice and to use in the comics classes I teach at the University of Technology in Sydney.

This book is printed in black and white on white and yellow paper, with a Risograph cover printed in Fluorescent Pink on yellow card. It is about 75 pages long, with 12 comics exercises and 61 pages of comics. It was collated and perfect bound by hand.

https://fionnmccabe.com/shop.html2023-02-17 12:55:42
Leathery Little SaintsSelf PublishedComic Book, Short StoryAdult content for mature readers.

Fionn McCabe - author and artist and so on.

Leathery Little Saints is about bats dropping out of trees, the raging fires of the Black Summer, and a trip with the kids to the local pool. It's about Global Warming, Parenting, and our responsibility to our children, ourselves, and the future. Living in the end times is difficult, emotionally complicated, and oddly mundane.

This comic has a three color Risograph cover (blue, fluorescent orange, and black) and the interior is 30 pages long and printed in black and white on pale, mango colored paper.

https://fionnmccabe.com/shop.html2023-02-17 13:02:01
ShowtimeSelf publishedComic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Peter Kozak

Focussing on the challenges of participating in the arts scene while living with a chronic illness, 'Showtime' uses humour and vulnerability to reflect on the absurdity that often exemplifies the lifestyle of the chronically ill.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ektaS7KJMb2c2hnu6MPtwjRaHLIZpgqO/view2023-02-17 16:42:42
Big EggSelf PublishedDigital only / WebcomicAdult content for mature readers.

Mike Greaney (writer and artist)

A skyscraper sized egg appears in Melbourne and debate rages as to whether it heralds Australia's salvation, or its doom. The voters of the country must decide, and as usual, they don't quite get it right.
A 14 page, 140 panel, comic written and drawn by Mike Greaney.

https://cosmicdirtbag.com/2022/05/03/egg-part-1/2023-02-18 13:46:18
Kam Taverner's - The Passions Of Pussy Willow - The Sex Slaves Of Countess Charisma.Dark Mirror Muse Publishing & PressGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Comic Strip: digital or printX rated content. Not for minors.

Kam Taverner - Created original pencils, inks and stories during the 1970's.

For- Dark Mirror Muse Publishing & Press.
Garry L. Smith - Research, Restoration, Remastering and Art Direction.
Garth Htimz - Project Manager

"Thank you all for being with us during this anniversary year, as we celebrate the passage of 50 years since Kam Taverner created his fabulous heroine, Pussy Willow! As this celebration year draws near to it's close, we are thrilled to announce "The Passions Of Pussy Willow"s fifth remastered graphic novel, as we launch her next adult erotic fantasy adventure "The Sex Slaves Of Countess Charisma".
"For those who came in late" Pussy Willow, is an operative of the clandestine British intelligence agency known as the - Female Erotic Espionage League - or F.E.E.L. for short. All F.E.E.L.'s operatives are highly trained in espionage, the martial arts and especially, ........all the arts of seduction.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dark-mirror-muse/pussy-willow-the-sex-slaves-of-countess-charisma?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=pussy%20willow2023-02-18 16:23:38
Doc RatSelf Published Comic Book Series, Digital only / WebcomicAll ages

Craig Hilton ("Jenner"), witer/artist

Doc Rat is a daily comic strip, set in a humorous anthropomorphic animal world, about the experiences of a family doctor and his medical practice. It ranges from straight-up gags and puns to short arcs to more serious stories. And then back again. You get to know the characters and care about their life-and-death situations, and in between, you laugh a lot.
Doc Rat is in newspaper-formal strips, five per week and, having run since 2006, now numbers well over 4,000. It can be found on-line on its dedicated web site, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. 2022 saw the launch of the Doc Rat eBooks, Volumes 1 to 18, each one being the collected strips of half a year. They are for sale on Amazon for Kindle readers and apps. More will follow in 2023.

www.docrat.com.au2023-02-19 21:18:44
Billie Bones and the apocalypse Vol. 4Self published Comic Book Series, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Dana King

Vol. 4 of the ongoing series Billie Bones and the apocalypse with Bob the dog.
A thrilling and hilarious story of a skeleton and his best mate Bob the dog trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.

https://www.dkartastudios.com/comics/vol-4-billie-bones-vs-the-apocalypse-with-bob-the-dog2023-02-20 13:28:57
Death Candy #1Self PublishedComic Book, Anthology, Collected Short StoriesAdult content for mature readers., X rated content. Not for minors.

Spooky Doom - Editor/Contributor
Tim Burden - Contributor
Craig Bruyn - Contributor
Travis Williamson - Contributor
Richard Barker - Contributor

Death Candy is a comic anthology featuring stories of modern horror, dark humour, and suspense. Collected into one book, 15 ghastly creators from around the world have crafted together a novelty that will expose you to the strange & deranged , the cute & the gory, and the dark & demented.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spookydoom/death-candy-12023-02-21 13:29:16
Skye's Cavern Library #2Reverie PublicationsComic Book Series, Comic BookAll ages

Penciller: Shane Foley
Finishes: Rob Lisle
Letterer: Rob Lisle
Colours: Rob Lisle
Writer: Peter Lane

Welcome to the world of Skye’s Cavern Library! Join Skye, an anthropomorphic Arctic fox and his half elf assistant Kris, as they and their visitors travel to amazing worlds inside the cavern’s magical teleportation books!

https://reveriepublications.com.au/product/skyes-cavern-library-2/?fbclid=IwAR2_FRKIZ7fS5uLcHidmvFrhLERYD9outnjbHKnL4BmvJ3zIzGo1eID0H4o2023-02-24 15:25:50
It BrokeSelf PublishedZineX rated content. Not for minors.

Soolagna Majumdar was the writer/ artist for this comic

It Broke is a small comic/ zine where the artist needed to cry about her favourite appliance of 10 years dying on her, and that in her search for a replacement - she’s faced with a world post the RSS feed and the dominance of appliances designed for shitty listicles and algorithmic generated “content” that no one ever asked for. In short: why does everything need a touch screen now? Why does this vibrator company want to collect data on usage????

https://soolagna-meow.tumblr.com/post/700563782717587456/id-give-my-dearly-departed-vibrator-of-10-years-a2023-02-25 17:28:28
After LockdownSelf publishedDigital only / WebcomicAll ages

Leon Leung, writer.
Teapjam, line art and flat colours.
Karen W; Mish X; Rita W, colours and effects.

A webcomic about an international student in Melbourne during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and her struggles even after the restrictions have lifted. Supported in part by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/after-lockdown/list?title_no=7883512023-02-26 10:20:07
Akhenaten: Tomb of the Heretic KingSelfComic BookAll ages

Darkwell Bled

A kidnapped Egyptologist and 3 thieves enter the cursed tomb of pharaoh Akhenaten, the heretic king.

https://bitofanartist.com/products/akhenaten-tomb-of-the-heretic-king2023-02-26 15:28:02
Captain Nemo vs Cthulhu!SelfComic BookAll ages

Darkwell Bled

Following the events of Jules Verne's '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea', Captain Nemo finds himself spat-out of the dreaded maelstrom, and face to face with Lovecraft's dreaded Cthulhu.

https://bitofanartist.com/products/captain-nemo-vs-cthulhu2023-02-26 15:31:33
Planet New World: The Sophie ChronicleSelfComic BookAll ages

Laura Smith

Space explorer Sophie encounters unknown alien species on an uncharted planet.

https://bitofanartist.com/products/planet-new-world-the-sophie-chronicle-comic2023-02-26 15:34:23
Woodlands No.1Spare Parts PressComic Book SeriesAll ages

Anthony woodward producer publisher writer artist

Woodlands is a new ongoing series form Australian comic book artist Anthony Woodward. Woodward launched the platform as parts of his Spare Parts Press imprint to showcase collections of shorter and longer form comics.

www.sparepartspress.com2023-02-27 06:37:04
Crime Scene Australia - Terror NulliusSelf PublishedGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Charlie Hill-Smith - co-creator, pencil art, writer
Robbie Thorpe - co-creator, Indigenous protocols
Carroll Karpany - Indigenous protocols
Michael Kumnick - pencils
Heydi Ibrahim - Inks
Michael Gumlar - colouring

CSA is a mixed genre graphic novel that combines real Oz history, and contemporary social critique, with satire, and black comedy; all wrapped in a pop-culture narrative of supernatural-horror. CSA edition1- Terror Nullius; tells the story of a Sydney based TV crew shooting an investigative, cold-case TV-series about Australian history and the Frontier wars; that descends into a murderous ghost story.

https://www.amazon.com/Crime-Scene-Australia-Terror-Nullius-ebook/dp/B09F9RMBPN/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2FX3L4K0RW0QT&keywords=crime+scene+australia+terror+nullius&qid=1677459485&sprefix=crime+scene+australia+terror+nullius%2Caps%2C327&sr=8-12023-02-27 11:59:24
Old Sixie Versus The Bridge Of DoomDoctor Who Club of AustraliaShort StoryAll ages

Darran Jordan, writer. Jason Towers, penciller, inker, colourist, letterer.

A whimsical short story based on a real-life anecdote by the Dr Who actor Colin Baker. It was published in Data Extract, the magazine of the Doctor Who Club of Australia, in issues 247, 248, and 250/251.

https://jasontowers.com/old-sixie-versus-the-bridge-of-doom/2023-02-27 18:56:29
Down-Underian #3Grouse Comics/Self PublishedComic Book Series, Comic Book, Mini ComicAll ages

Dean Giles, writer and artist

It's the classic holiday cliche! Down-Underian and a visitor from the future must do all they can to defeat Brass Razoo and save Christmas itself!

 2023-02-27 20:06:22
SupperSelf PublishedComic Book Series, Mini Comic, Comic Strip: digital or printAll ages

personal production

published publicly online on Instagram at w3t-s0up

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuFHEMb-aqGHiAkzJyrxMdl9jbW8?e=fGEIV22023-02-28 01:45:48
Do You See What I SeeAugmented LibertyGraphic NovelAdult content for mature readers.

Nick Brewster - Writer/Director
Jeesoo Kim - Artist/Illustrator
Matt James - Colourist

DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE is the first book of an epic trilogy, a searing satirical slasher (SLASHIRE!) that will keep you guessing through 176 beautifully illustrated and coloured pages...

Young Australian woman LIZ WALKER is on a full scholarship to study medicine at an elite college in the USA.

A DREAM come true… Or is it?

With tensions rising on a campus beset by political protests, a MASKED PSYCHOPATH slashes through the student body.

Struggling to make sense of the chaos all around her, there’s one thing Liz knows for sure… she’s not going to play the victim in this NIGHTMARE!

https://augmentedliberty.com/2023-02-28 11:54:30
Saturday Class, Volume 1Self publishedShort Story, AnthologyAll ages

Evie Rain Bride-McCaughey, comic creator (SPUD)
Scarlett Courtenay, comic creator (Juniper and the Sun Deer)
Chae Elkington, comic creator (Sparks)
Ana Fehrman, comic creator (Morning Star)
Lauren Greaves, comic creator (Steal My Heart)
Ane Greyling, comic creator (Backwoods Seraphim)
Tahli Hodgson, comic creator (Sidetracked)
Joelle Jacques, comic creator (Aurora's Lullaby)
Charlotte Lee Steere, comic creator (And Even More Mushrooms)
Zuri Matthews, comic creator (Cracked)
Alicia Mikosza, comic creator (The Black Sheep)
Anna Plaistowe, comic creator (A Reason to Persevere)
Kayden Roi, comic creator (Just a Small Mistake)
Karina Simons, comic creator (Stuck in the Backrooms)
Calais Wilson, comic creator (Fantasy Girl)

Lola Baldsing, editor.
Scott Higginbotham, editor.

Saturday Class is a collection of comic short stories created by some of Perth's youngest up and coming comic artists. Fifteen years 8 to 11 students in the Kalamunda Senior High School Gifted and Talented Visual Arts program each created their own original short comic , culminating in a collection of work that reflects their unique voices as emerging storytellers.

 2023-02-28 19:02:53
Bolt Comics Presents 6Bolt ComicsComic Book, AnthologyAll ages

The Adventurers: Chapter 3: Part 1
Writer/Artist: Andrew Tribe
Colourist: Andrew Tribe

A Brigand’s Tale: The Castle: Part 1
Writer/Artist: Daniel Tribe
Colourist: Andrew Tribe

The Electrifying Bolt: # KNIGHT-LYFE
Writer: Andrew Tribe
Artist/Colourist: Lauren Marshall
Editor: Andrew Tribe

Dynah-Mite Ace Detective: The Scarlet Art
Writer: Andrew Tribe
Artist: John Hanna
Colourist: Andrew Tribe

Stiller Brook: Part 2: Path to Market
Writer/Artist: Heroic Master Of Pens, aka Tom Greene
Colourist: Andrew Tribe

An all ages anthology

boltcomics.com2023-02-28 19:53:38
The Gap YearSelf Published/Curtin Illustration ClubDigital only / WebcomicAll ages

Nina Dakin Writer and Illustrator

As a child, Henry discovered another world. Now that his final exam is done and dusted, he's off to explore it in his gap year!

https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/the-gap-year/list?title_no=777695&page=12023-03-01 00:25:12
Bird Girl Volume 2Self-publishedComic BookAll ages

Nina Dakin- illustrator and writer

The second chapter of Bird Girl Volume one. ird Girl is most definitely not a superhero. Born with wings for arms, all she wants is to be taken seriously. She forgoes the path of a vigilanty and decides to seek justice, legally, by becoming a civil lawyer!

Armed with the perfect case, she is determined to win and prove once and for all she is not a superhero and can contribute meaningfully to society. Her client, however, is also determined... that is, determined to become a superhero!

The second chapter is a continuation of the story and an additional Q+A chapter. Published on Tapas and sold at PCAF 2022

https://tapas.io/series/Bird-Girl/info2023-03-01 00:35:40
Eaten PathsSelf- PublishedMini Comic, ZineAll ages

Nina Dakin- Writer and Etcher

A steel-plate etched comic that is A3 in size, etched with acid onto a piece of steel and printed through a printing press. Scanned copy of printed final.

 2023-03-01 00:38:22
ObscurityNeighbourhood PressShort Story, Anthology, Mini ComicChildren under 12 years of age.

Published by Neighbourhood Press,
Written and Illustrated by Nina Dakin

A part of the West Coast Comic Anthology 2; Twilight and Periods of Obscurity.
A three page comic on moments of obscurity in childhood.

https://www.neighbourhoodpress.net/shop/west-coast-comic-anthology-22023-03-01 00:43:28
Execution Volume 01: Awakening (2022) by Austen MenglerSelf publishedGraphic Novel, Comic Book, Short StoryAdult content for mature readers.

Written, pencilled, coloured, designed & digitally painted by Austen Mengler. Logo design by Jenny Mackintosh.

"The Patient wakes in an underground laboratory tomb. He is alone, bandaged head to toe, and has no memory of his past. Looking down he discovers a metalic timer implanted in his chest and ticking down 24 hours… Something stirs in the darkness, and what’s worse… he’s no longer alone…”

EXECUTION: Volume 01: Awakening (2022) - A survival horror graphic novel about “The Patient”, the last remaining survivor of an underground scientific laboratory, set in a science fiction post apocalyptic world.

My horror graphic novel book that started life as a project at Curtin University, no\w for the first time in print, self published with an entire design overhaul and upgrade to the visuals and story. Own a 60 page collection of horrific survival horror, with a mix of black and white + red distinct Execution colour scheme, as well as full colour pages.


PROLOGUE: A mysterious police report of a powerful rogue scientist who has dissapeared with a high body count.

CHAPTERS 1 & 2: Own a remastered version of both the first chapter of The Patient’s story, awakening in the horrors of Execution, as well as the short follow up Chapter 2 which extends the story and was previously unreleased.

EPILOGUE (Dr. Craven’s Journal): A collection of written journal entries from the crazed renegade rogue scientist who has created the underground laboratory that he patient now finds himself in.

This graphic novel passion project was also the starting point for my world building concept art series EXECUTION, which has expanded to include a huge variety of survivors, characters, creatures and monsters over the years.

The preview version was available at the Perth Comic Arts Festival ‘22 earlier this year, and this is the full release. The first edition has already sold out on my convention tour, and so this purchase is the pre-order for the printing of the second edition, which is coming in early 2023.

https://www.austenmengler.com/execution2023-03-01 08:37:40
My Aunt is a MonsterRandom House GraphicGraphic NovelAll ages

Just myself! Reimena Yee, author/illustrator.

An adventure comedy about a blind bookworm who gets her dream for adventure fulfilled when she is adopted by her former world-famous explorer aunt with a secret.

https://reimenayee.com/my-aunt-is-a-monster2023-03-01 11:36:49
SKYE'S CAVERN LIBRARY #1Reverie PublicationsComic Book SeriesAll ages

Penciller, Inker, Letterer: Jason Paulos
Writer: Peter Lane

Skye the Arctic fox and his assistant Kris travel to amazing worlds inside magic teleportation books!

http://reveriepublications.com.au/product/skyes-cavern-library-1/2023-03-01 11:38:24
Shieldbreaker Part II: Death and PlunderSelf PublishedComic Book Series, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Mickey Scott: Story, Script, Pencils, Inks, Letters
Kevin Anthony De Castro: Colours

A young woman gets taken in by an army of vikings. Guided by the mysterious spirit trapped in her sword, she must fight to survive and to follow her moral compass, as her new friends pillage their way to wealth and fame.

madbastardilluminations.com2023-03-01 13:05:27
Crossing the StraitNeighbourhood PressShort Story, AnthologyAdult content for mature readers.

Lewis O'Donnell

A short story published in Neighbourhood Press' second volume of the West Coat Comics Anthology. It's the story of a vampire exploring their fading memories in the city of Istanbul.

https://www.neighbourhoodpress.net/shop/west-coast-comic-anthology-22023-03-01 14:14:18
AlliumTakahēMini Comic, Digital only / WebcomicAll ages 

A short comic about someone who finds themselves peeling.

https://www.takahe.org.nz/allium/2023-03-01 15:53:28
SpaceAntithesis JournalMini ComicAll ages 

A short comic about a crumbling relationship.

https://www.instagram.com/p/Cj7cJNnBnkO/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link2023-03-01 15:57:16
Swimming LessonsVoiceworksMini ComicAll ages 

A short comic about learning to swim.

https://expressmedia.org.au/product/voiceworks-128-grain/2023-03-01 16:00:26
CEREBRALRat WorldMini ComicAdult content for mature readers. 

A short comic about mental illness.

https://www.ratworldmag.com/shop/p/rat-world-issue-two2023-03-01 16:04:27
Mavis Plays Piano Island magazineShort StoryAll ages

Eleri Harris - author, artist

A beautiful story about Eleri’s grandmother Mavis going through the difficult process of having her life packed up to move to a nursing home. Curated by Joshua Santospirito to be the first comic published by Island magazine in the Nanna Project.

https://islandmag.com/the-nanna-project2023-03-01 20:40:05
Time FaultRMS PublicationsComic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Roger Stitson, writer. Dave Dye, artist.

Melodrama, time travel tale set mid-1890s to 1927, about trauma, guilt and obsession. Forty-eight inner pages in black and white, and a full colour cover.

https://ownaindi.com/shop/comics/time-fault/?no_frame=12023-03-01 20:41:40
Witchy Vol. 2Oni PressGraphic NovelAll ages

Ariel Slamet Ries, Artist/Author

"In the witch kingdom Hyalin, the strength of your magic is determined by the length of your hair."

Low on magic and on the run after committing the ultimate heresy of cutting one's hair, Nyneve and her raven companion, Banana, head into an ancient forest in search of safe transport. However, when Nynever butts heads with the gruff and overbearing broom-maker Kaveh, she starts to wonder if she wouldn't be better off in the hands of the Witch Guard.

https://www.witchycomic.com/2023-03-01 21:17:35
Infinite Odyssey #1Edge Comix (Self Published)Comic Book Series, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers.

Brad Daniels - Writer, Artist, Editor, designer

Infinite Odyssey is a full colour sci-fi saga inspired by the works of Arthur C Clarke, Jack Kirby, and Stanley Kubrick. It's very much a personal passion project, a spiritual successor to science fiction comics from the 1950s to the 1970s with a modern spin.
This is the first story in a planned six part story that stretches from early human history to a future beyond the event horizon.
The first issue follow the exploits of two women - one from the distant past, one from the far future. They are bound in a legacy of blood, war and alien intervention.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/edgecomix/infinite-odyssey-issue-one-rebirth2023-03-01 22:26:43
AlfaSprites of Tara #1Edge Comix (self published)Comic Book Series, Comic Book, Collected Short StoriesAll ages

Brad Daniels - Writer, Artist and Designer
Gary Ow - Creator and co-writer
Brock Sellars - Pin-up artist

“Alfasprites of Tara” is a new comic book that centers around the lives of seven fairy sisters known as Alfasprites. The Alfasprites possess the ability to grant wishes, but the wishes usually go wrong. Set in an epic fantasy world the comic is written for readers of all ages - for people aged 6 to 600. The first issue introduces the AlfaSprites and their world, with four stories and a host of background material.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/edgecomix/alfasprites-of-tara-issue-12023-03-01 22:45:43
Loki The Conqueror....Issue 1Self publishedComic Book SeriesAdult content for mature readers.

Ian Van Gemert...Writer and Artist
Hugh Newton...Writer and Editor
Luke Carman...Editor

Bebhionn was once a realm of natural beauty. Man lived at one with the land. Small farming communities dotted the countryside. There was peace among all people, farmers, hunters and gathers. The arrival of four dark riders shattered everything. From a realm unknown, Mortem led his three brothers across Bebhionn. Where they trod, darkness followed.

Loki the Conqueror is a story of loss, revenge, and evil seen through the eyes of a foul mouth and ultra-violent ten year old warrior, who has taken it upon himself to rid the lands of Bebhionn of this new evil, as well as trying to find his missing father.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/plaguelandsmedia/loki-the-conqueror-issue-12023-03-02 00:30:00
Godlings and the Gates of ChaosMagnetic Force, LLCGraphic NovelChildren under 12 years of age., All ages

Luke C Jackson, Writer.

Diana. Ra. Chaac. Dionysus. Tiamat. Nemesis. Their names are Legend. Gods and Goddesses, heroes of the ancient world, have been reborn. Once separated by oceans and centuries, they must form a new Pantheon, one capable of battling the ancient world's most fearsome threats. These Godlings are the only thing standing between the new world and the Swarm, a primordial force that thrives on chaos, now unified behind a powerful leader. To succeed, the Godlings must embrace chaos itself.

www.magneticforce.com2023-03-02 00:46:18
TALE TOWN: Tales from the Hermit KingdomPerth Comic Arts Festival / Milktooth School of Art and StoriesAnthologyAll ages

Elizabeth Marruffo
Campbell Whyte
Scott Higginbotham
Lola Baldsing
Kristina Turner
Soolagna Majumdar
Sarah Winifred Searle
Stuart Medley
Jess Harris
David Chamberlain

Edition two of TALE TOWN brings together the committee members of the Perth Comic Arts Festival to reflect on their time living in Western Australia during the pandemic.

Working within a newspaper print format, each contributor was allocated one-page to express their experiences. There are stories ranging from finding creative liberation under the job-seeker allowance, the mind-numbing repetition of being confined to your bedroom and the abject horror of watching from afar as loved ones abroad suffer.

The newspaper is an attempt at recording the experiences of people living through the pandemic in comics form.

Curated by Elizabeth Marruffo in a collaboration between the Perth Comic Arts Festival and the Milktooth School of Art and Stories, the newspaper was made available for free as part of the 2022 PCAF event. Accompanying the newspaper was an exhibition of dioramas that the comics-makers had made, showing their characters in situ.

www.pcaf.org2023-03-02 17:44:06
ISO:IDPerth Comic Arts Festival / Milktooth School of Art and StoriesAnthologyAll ages

Campbell Whyte
Kristina Turner
Elise Loyd
Nazario Whyte
Safia Slawinski
Sarah Low
Teodor Stojanovic
Violet Winton

ISO:ID is an anthology project featuring six teenagers from Perth who made comics reflecting on their pandemic experiences.

Over six workshops, they were mentored by established comics makers as they identified and developed stories, story-boarded their scripts and rendered their final art.

The anthology features fantastical shonen-style battles with alien life-forms, anthropomorphic fables and tender inner reflections as these young people reflected on what they had been through.

www.milk-tooth.com2023-03-02 17:49:43
CrampedSelf publishedMini ComicAdult content for mature readers.

Audrey Marks

A short fictional comic about a girl working at a fast food restaurant whose only friend is the creepy clown mascot.

https://www.instagram.com/creasemarks/2023-03-02 20:13:24
Uncle Silas: EARTHSelf publishedComic Strip: digital or print, Digital only / WebcomicAll ages

David Follett: writer, editor, penciller, inker, colourist, letterer

Serialised webcomic of the graphic novel in progress Uncle Silas: EARTH.

'This sequel sees Silas, Selena, Tommy and Loki take a road trip to the World Heritage Naracoorte Caves to find the source of a mysterious underground energy signal, only to discover Australia's extinct marsupial megafauna may not be so extinct after all.'

This submission is collecting pages 99 - 130 (projected 288 pages in total) that appeared in the 2022 calendar year.

www.patreon.com/davidfollett2023-03-03 01:52:29
Dirt By SeaPenguin BooksGraphic NovelChildren under 12 years of age.

Michael Wagner, Author
Tom Jellett, Illustrator

Daisy lives in inland Australia with her dad and her grandparents. It’s home, and she loves the red dirt land around her. But when her dad realises that she’s never seen the beach and thinks the Australian anthem is about a country ‘dirt by sea’, he sets off to show her the ocean in a once-in-a-lifetime father-daughter trip along the Australian coast, inspired by the first holiday he took with Daisy's mum.
Along the way they will learn about Australia and much, much more . . .

https://www.penguin.com.au/books/dirt-by-sea-97817608940612023-03-03 07:36:21
Parody posters of Australian reality TV showsMad Magazine 534-537Comic Book Series, Comic Book, Anthology, Comic Strip: digital or printAll ages

Writer and artist Ken Best
Writer David Williams

Parody posters of Australian Reality TV shows that aired in 2022.

 2023-03-03 14:50:32
Men I TrustFantagraphicsGraphic NovelAdult content for mature readers.

Tommi Parrish (sole author - writer/painter)

Parrish's second major graphic novel, further extending their exploration of modern sexuality, the commodification thereof, and peoples' struggles to determine their own identity. Fully painted, and printed in hardback with sharp, UV-cured inks.

https://www.fantagraphics.com/products/men-i-trust2023-03-04 09:16:37
The Golden Queen (a Phantom story)FrewComic Book, Short StoryAll ages

I was the sole creator - story, art, lettering (no colouring)

I write and draw back up stories for Frew Phantom comics. These are in 8 page chapters - this story ran for 3 chapters (24 pages). It appeared in Frew (Phantom) 1927, 1929 and 1930 (Sept/Oct 2022)

www.phantomcomic.com.au2023-03-04 19:33:44
Amazing Tales #5Self PublishedComic Book Series, Comic Book, AnthologyAdult content for mature readers.

Dave Dye

This 32 page anthology consists of four stories in glorious B&W and colour. As usual there is plenty of action, adventure and humour. The stories are aimed at a mature age audience. The "Bushfire!" story that many people have requested to see in print is included in this issue.

 2023-03-05 10:36:52
Amazing Tales #6Self PublishedComic Book Series, Comic Book, AnthologyAdult content for mature readers.

Dave Dye

This issue of Amazing Tales features the stories of Beowulf from the Nordic legends. There are 40 pages of black and white art between the covers, divided into two stories: "Beowulf and Grendel" and "Beowulf and the Dragon".

 2023-03-05 10:46:01
CRUCIFIX EXECUTIONER: Blood & Fire Vol.3Self published KILLER COMICSGraphic NovelAdult content for mature readers.

Duncan Cunningham Creator, Aaron Cassidy Writer

In a city plagued by chaos, everyone must battle for control glen loses control of his gift as a sinister new element gradually takes over. Infesting his lust for revenge, exacerbating his condition and solidifying his ability to control animals. A blind rage finally controls him as he battles to rescue a friend.

Can he battle the city and survive?

Gibbons’s quest for revenge leads him down a familiar dark path as he too battles to take control of the city and in his quest to take the prison he upsets some big white collar plans. Steel battles to keep his grip on control as everything he has built blows up around him.

A great battle of blood and fire is the only guarantee.

killercomics.com2023-03-05 12:18:07
The History of MonstersSelf publishedGraphic NovelAdult content for mature readers.

Benji Bajorek, writer/artist

1967, London. A simple surveillance case ends violently when PI Henry Miller stumbles upon a much larger conspiracy and a mysterious woman from Loch Ness, Scotland. Weaving true, historical events and eyewitness accounts into a fictional tale of horror, mystery, globetrotting adventure and a celebration of all things cryptozoology, this epic tale will finally uncover the HISTORY OF MONSTERS!

 2023-03-06 12:39:49
Retro Sci-Fi Tales #11Dark OzComic Book Series, Comic Book, AnthologyAll ages

Darren Koziol - writer, letterer, designer. Ben Sullivan - artist. Dan Lynch - colourist. Tristan Tait - colourist. Carlos Angeli - artist. Robert Elliott - artist. Federico De Luca - artist. Alister Lockhart - artist. Ian Van Gemert - artist. Dana 'DK' King - artist. Nahum Ziersch - designer. Nicole Pastor - actress. Callan McAuliffe actor. Matthew Holmes - director.

Highly acclaimed Australian anthology series, aimed at an adult audience while kept to a PG rating for all ages to enjoy. All-new yet 'old school' style science fiction stories in settings from the 1880's to the 1980's. This issue features the epic 'HORRORWOOD' - Famous Monsters in Australia!!!

https://www.darkoz.com.au/Retro.html2023-03-08 20:58:59
Money MoversDark Oz and Umbrella EntertainmentComic Book, Mini Comic 

Darren Koziol - writer, letterer. Federico de Luca - artist. Frantz Kantor - cover artist.

Official Australian comic book movie adaptation of the cult classic 1978 Ozploitation movie 'Money Movers' - directed by Bruce Beresford, based on the 1972 book The Money Movers by Devon Minchin. The 3rd in a series of 4 'Ozploitation Classics' comic book movie adaptations, mini comics included inside the new remastered Blu-Ray releases.

https://shop.umbrellaent.com.au/products/money-movers-ozploitation-classics-17-blu-ray-19782023-03-08 21:05:27
Midnite SparesDark Oz and Umbrella EntertainmentComic Book, Mini ComicAll ages

Darren Koziol - writer, letterer. Federico de Luca - artist. Frantz Kantor - cover artist.

Official Australian comic book movie adaptation of the cult classic 1983 Ozploitation movie 'Midnite Spares' - directed by Quentin Masters, screenplay by Terry Larsen. The 4th in a series of 4 'Ozploitation Classics' comic book movie adaptations, mini comics included inside the new remastered Blu-Ray releases. This is one of Quentin Tarantino's favourite Ozploitation movies.

https://shop.umbrellaent.com.au/products/midnite-spares-ozploitation-19-blu-ray-19832023-03-08 21:09:07
DeathcheatersDark Oz and Umbrella EntertainmentComic Book, Mini ComicAll ages

Darren Koziol - writer, letterer. Tristan Tait - artist. Frantz Kantor - cover artist.

Official Australian comic book movie adaptation of the cult classic 1978 Ozploitation movie 'Deathcheaters' - directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, screenplay by Michael Cove. The 2nd in a series of 4 'Ozploitation Classics' comic book movie adaptations, mini comics included inside the new remastered Blu-Ray releases. Brian Trenchard-Smith is one of Quentin Tarantino's favourite directors.

https://shop.umbrellaent.com.au/products/deathcheaters-ozploitation-classics-10-blu-ray-comic2023-03-08 21:15:30
The God of ArepoSelf publishedDigital only / WebcomicAll ages

Reimena Yee

Temples are built for gods. Knowing this a farmer builds a small temple to see what kind of god turns up.

A friendship soon blossoms between the farmer Arepo and the god of transient nothingness, ever-lasting across famine and war, grief and heartbreak, - even as the god believes itself undeserving.

A short comic adaptation of the popular collaborative storytelling hit from Tumblr. In honour of God of Arepo’s birth as a creative open source, proceeds earned during its debut run at ShortBox Comics Fair 2022 were split between the Ministry of Stories (UK) and Mighty Writers (US), both organisations dedicated to fostering the love of literature in children from marginalised backgrounds.

https://reimenayee.com/the-god-of-arepo/2023-03-17 19:09:39
The Comic Guide to the Northern TerritorySelf PublishedCollected Short Stories, Comic Strip: digital or printAll ages

Thor F. Jensen, writer and illustrator

The Comic Guide to The Northern Territory
by Thor F. Jensen

What a thrill to see my mate Thor F. Jensen's refreshing
overview of The Territory and its characters!
– Ted Egan AO NK

ISBN 978-0-6456188-0-8 | TFJ Productions | Release 15 Dec 2022 | Paperback | 48PP | 15$

This is a comic book for grey nomads, fishos and Territorians – and those kids who can’t sit still on the back seat during a road trip.

A book full of not-so cautionary stories, tall tales and ridiculous jokes from the wildest part of Australia.

Your one and only foolproof guide to exploring and experiencing the NT in all its glory.
(Warning: we use the term "guide" loosely. Proceed at your own risk.)

 2023-04-17 17:33:34
NeverlandersPenguin AustraliaGraphic NovelAll ages

Tom Taylor, writer. John Sommariva, artist.

Neverland has become a war zone and it’s up to a new group of lost teens to set things right in this gritty YA graphic novel series from #1 New York Times bestselling Australian author Tom Taylor and powerhouse Australian comic artist Jon Sommariva!

https://www.penguin.com.au/books/neverlanders-97817610490712023-04-27 15:00:11
Detective Budgy: Hard BoiledSelf published by Nicholas ClearyGraphic NovelAdult content for mature readers.

Nicholas Cleary

Truth, Justice and the Avian Way.

Refusing to give up, Detective Budgy is off the clock and pursuing leads on the ‘chicken roast’. A case marked with danger, mystery and burnt poultry.

As Budgy gets his wings dirty, a sinister clue suggests the return of ‘The Black Galah’, a contentious private investigator of yesteryear. Evelyn Stone is also blocking Budgy’s runway, the intelligent and striking government agent, captures the detective’s eye and challenges his natural drive to seek the seed of truth.

Hard Boiled is a black and white detective story with humour, action and an unapologetic amount of bird puns. According to its humble (and handsome) creator “It’s a Cracker.”

https://detectivebudgy.net/shop/comics/detective-budgy-hard-boiled/2023-05-01 15:45:32
Wild North Comics #2Undergrowth ProductionsComic Book Series, AnthologyAdult content for mature readers. 

The second edition of the wild comic anthology features four variant covers by Dani Heilbronn, Tim Molloy and Theofilus Rigas. This huge 80 page issue explores science fiction, fantasy, superhero and epic adventures, featuring new work and ongoing chapters.
-The Monkey Sailor & The Eye by guest artist Tim Molloy
-Australi (pt 2) by Timothy Wood; illustrated by Pius Bak
-Chronos pt 2: The Chrysalis - written and illustrated by Timothy Parish
-Zero-Point: ORIGINS pt 1 by Jonathon Saunders
-Space Robots of the Forgotten Future written and illustrated by Dan Hartney
-The Martian Funeral written and illustrated by Levin A. Diatschenko.

https://www.wildnorthcomics.com/product-page/wild-north-edition-2-original-print2023-05-17 14:07:58
Wild North Comics #3Undergrowth ProductionsComic Book Series, AnthologyAdult content for mature readers. 

Cover artists: Mat Selwyn and Dani Heilbronn. Our third issue includes the very first instalment of NEOMAD, a brand new series created writer/illustrator SUTU in collaboration with young Indigenous artists from the Pilbara in Western Australian and BIG HART. Volume #3 also features the latest episodes of ZERO-POINT: ORIGINS by Jonathon Saunders, the surreal silent comics of Tim Molloy and the concluding episode of AUSTRALI with behind the scene sketchbook from internationally renowned artist PIUS BAK.

This issue also includes a special WILD NORTH ART GALLERY featuring new work by local artists Timothy Parish, Louise Benton, Rosharne Deslandes and Dani Heilbronn.

https://www.wildnorthcomics.com/product-page/wild-north-comics-32023-05-17 14:12:14
Wild North Comics #4Undergrowth ProductionsComic Book Series, Anthology  

Featuring TWO variant covers
"Hail The Art" by Dan Hartney and "Nekojita" by Ariel Racines aka @aju.iice - Winner of the Wild North Comics Tropicon Art Prize!

VOLUME #4 features:
ZERO-POINT: ORIGINS part three by Jonathon Saunders
FUTURE TALES Part Two - Written by Philip Tarl Denson Illustrated by Yussuf Adeleye
NEOMAD Part Two written and illustrated by SUTU with the Love Punks
ALCYON part one - an epic magical fantasy series written by Marie Allioti Illustrated by Emmanuelle Allioti
& special guest creator LUMINOUS AGES (part one) by Anthony Christou

https://www.wildnorthcomics.com/product-page/wild-north-comics-42023-05-17 14:15:07
Zero Point: Origins Part OneUndergrowth ProductionsComic Book Series, Comic BookAll ages 

The action packed first issue of Jonathon Saunder's ZERO POINT: ORIGINS!

East Timor is in crisis as militant guerrilla group ‘The Fist’ wreaks havoc. Australian forces are called in to assist with the Timor Leste Defence Force. A SOCOMD Commando unit storms a Fist compound, only to be attacked by a Fist post-human soldier! During the attack, Grenadier Rifleman, Captain Kyle Burton awakens his latent zero-point energy powers.

This issue features a special art gallery with new work inspired by the Zero Point comic and web series by Wild North Comics creators Dan Hartney, Anneke P. Putri, Rosharne Deslandes and Jonathon Saunders.

40 pages, full colour. Graphic novel format.

https://www.wildnorthcomics.com/product-page/zero-point-origins-12023-05-17 14:19:00
Ordinary MadnessSelfGraphic Novel, Comic Book, ZineAdult content for mature readers.

Liz Argall

I'm really sorry I didn't think of submitting this earlier. Recovering from psychosis and rebuilding stuff and creating stuff has meant I've forgotten about things like this.

Between 2018-2020 I experienced three psychotic episodes. I was sucked into a world of delusion. An ever shifting mystery thriller that got me fired, had me talking to myself at bus stops and considering homelessness to protect those I loved from the conspiracy that hounded me.

Psychosis number two, my longest and most shattering episode, happened just before Covid-19 shut down the world. My plans for rebuilding a sense of normal gone, as “normal” disappeared for everyone.

Drawing comics gave me a mission and purpose. It provided an alchemical space for healing. It helped me feel less alone.

Psychosis isn’t something we talk about very much, outside of jokes, cliches and horror movies. We need to have better conversations about mental health.

It was scary, but I knew I needed to speak.

This is my voice.

https://www.thingswithout.com/product/ordinary-madness/2023-07-16 07:09:00
Kakashi: Murder DollsConquest ComicsGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Digital only / WebcomicAdult content for mature readers.

Liam Gray, writer/artist

Kakashi #1: Murder Dolls (1 of 4)

Pestilence. Famine. Pain.

These are the father of the Scarecrow – the Kakashi – a grim legacy of disposable soldiers gifted nigh-immortal bodies to defend the atrophying farmsteads of Tristitia from the ravenous appetites of the Ziz!

The Ozpocalypse is here! Hitchcock was right. The end times have shown its ugly face and it is the face of birds!

Get swept up in the comedy and action of Australia's first outback inspired manga series. Get to know Scarlet, the ditsy ginger bimbo with a heart of gold, and Jack, her crack-shot brother with nerves of steel. Experience their life and trails training under the legendary superman Lloyd Sawtell and uncover the esoteric mystery laying just beneath the surface in a story of megacorporation, liberty, and science gone wrong.

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Historia Volume 3DC comicsComic BookAll ages

Nicola Scott - Artist

vol 3 of a series abouth the amazons before wonder woman

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