Long List: 2023 Projects

This page lists the submitted works released during the 2023 calendar year, eligible for judging in the 2024 Comic Arts Awards of Australia.

TitlePublisherFormatContent RatingCreators involvedProject DescriptionProject websiteEntry Date
Adventure Illustrated #2Cyclone ComicsComic Book SeriesAdult content for mature readers.

Gary Chaloner, writer/artist. Graeme Jackson, colourist. Michael Michalandos, writer. Tim McEwen, artist.

Adventure Illustrated #2 is a 36 page comic featuring three ongoing series produced by Gary Chaloner and a few of his mates, all of whom are award-winning Aussie cartooning professionals at the top of their game: Michael Michalandos and Tim McEwen (Greener Pastures), with a little help from Darren Close and Graeme Jackson.

Cyclone Force (featuring Flash Damingo & Killeroo)
Greener Pastures
Red Kelso: 1931

https://cyclonecomics.com.au/blog/adventure-illustrated-2-cover-a/2023-12-11 11:50:12
Lawless MisconductPizza ComicsComic Book SeriesAdult content for mature readers.

Josh Head (under pen name - Raphael Iacocca) - All artwork, writing and production.

Lawless Misconduct #1 is a 68 page comic book; the first of 3 issues in a series. Influenced by the art of mid-century detective / romance comics, this is the stream of consciousness nightmare of its self-serving creator Raphael Iacocca.

https://pizzacomics.pizza2023-12-16 11:28:14
AquilaCOMICS2MOVIESGraphic Novel, Comic Book SeriesAdult content for mature readers.

Shaun Keenan - Editor/Creator
Dan Feuerriegel - Creator
Stephen Kok - Letter
Kieran Jack - Graphic Design Layout

In a dystopian future, the world is separated into the glittering paradise of the LIGHTS and the slums of the DISTRICT. Aquila (Annie) works as a low-level enforcer who is extremely ambitious. Follow Aquila as she rises up the ranks to become a councilor in the LIGHTS.

But be careful of what you wish for as once you are at the top, you become the MARK! Will Aquila survive or will her ambition for power be her undoing?

www.comics2movies.com.au2023-12-19 14:34:24
KnightCOMICS2MOVIESGraphic Novel, Comic Book SeriesAll ages

Martin Copping - Creator
Stephen Kok - Writer/Creator
Shaun Keenan - Editor/Creator

From the creative mind of Martin Copping an Australian film, television, theater, and video game actor best known for his role as the title character in the grindhouse film Zombie Hunter, the voice of Mozzie in Rainbow Six: Siege, and a starring role as 2Lt. Lucas Riggs of the Australian Army 20th Battalion in Call of Duty: Vanguard, comes an exciting new fantasy horror graphic novel KNIGHT!

In a world where there is more darkness than day, nocturnal creatures have become the apex predators and humans their prey. Humanity now relies on its knights for survival, but their numbers are few and the monsters in the night are increasing.

www.comics2movies.com.au2023-12-19 14:40:30
Fractured Shards Vol 3COMICS2MOVIESGraphic Novel, Comic Book SeriesAdult content for mature readers.

Dan Feuerriegel - Creator
Stephen Kok - Writer/Creator/Letter
Shaun Keenan - Editor/Creator
Kieran Jack - Graphic Designer/Layout

In a dystopian future, the world is separated into the glittering paradise of the LIGHTS and the slums of the DISTRICT. Detective Sebastian Vetro works on the most horrific of cases between both worlds as an enforcement officer. When a horrific crime occurs, sometimes that moment can fracture opening up glimpses into the event.

Follow troubled Detective Sebastian Vetro on this crazy cyberpunk ride as he uses these fractures that he experiences to solve crimes within the Lights and District.

Will he be able to control this power he seems to have obtained or will it destroy him?

www.comics2movies.com.au2023-12-19 14:44:37
Bloodsmith: We Hunt Nightmare Issues 1 & 2COMICS2MOVIESComic Book Series, Comic BookAll ages

Morgan Quiad - Writer/Creator/Letterer
Shaun Keenan - Editor

Sir Idris Harrow, Bloodsmith, the independently wealthy nobleman, is called to the home of Lord Montague to investigate the apparent possession of a young boy by a creature from the Abyss. Harrow soon learns that this child is not the only victim but hundreds of others throughout the city have been afflicted by supernatural tumors, their minds and bodies supplanted by a cruel, demonic intelligence.

Harrow and his team (a mysterious woman named Tilda Abigail who shares a deep connection with the spiritual realm and carries a puppet through which she communicates, and Dane Flint, a gunslinger and tinkerer with a gift for mechanical wizardry) must unravel the mystery and stand against the forces of darkness before London is overrun.

www.comics2movies.com.au2023-12-19 14:50:21
Howie the HellhoundScout ComicsComic Book SeriesAll ages

Jared Prestwidge, writer

Satan’s favorite pet, a Hellhound named Howie, escapes the pits of Hell and settles down with a human owner, Louise, in New York City. But when Hell's forces rise to take back what's theirs, the pair must find a way to come out the other side and earn the fresh start at life that they both crave.

https://www.scoutcomics.com/collections/howie-the-hellhound2023-12-19 19:51:28
Courier: The Adventures of Geraldine Barker Vol. 1Ready Steady StudiosCollected Series: Trade PaperbackAll ages

Angie Spice, writer/artist

This collected edition includes single issues #1, #2 & #3 that complete the “Maydena Arc” in full colour!
An adventure, noir, historical, Australiana feature set in 1940’s Tasmania; Geraldine Barker diverges from a courier run in search of the elusive Tasmanian Tiger and finds herself stranded in the remote township of Maydena.

https://angiespice.bigcartel.com/product/courier-the-adventures-of-geraldine-barker-vol-12023-12-20 08:13:38
Fables of FearSelf publishedAnthology, Collected Short StoriesAdult content for mature readers.

Karl Brandt, writer/colourist

'Fables of Fear' is a collection of seven terrifying tales by writer/colourist Karl Brandt and artist David Parsons, featuring lettering from FutureQuake’s own Bolt-01. From the ancient dunes of the outback to a frozen hunting planet, these short, sharp tales are as harsh and unforgiving as the landscapes themselves!

https://knbrandt.wordpress.com/comics/2023-12-31 16:38:03
Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.Self PublishedMini ComicAdult content for mature readers.

Just me!

"Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" (or Art School Blues) is an autobiographical memoir of Holly's art school experience in Byron Bay: art trends, favouritism and a super bitch called Marsha.
As an artist with a disability, participating and paying for private art school was no small feat, only to be met with teacher's pet behaviours and flat out sabotage.
In her signature style, Holly makes this year of hell funny, and finds out later this is a common occurrence in creative art schools, where you just have to ignore the bullshit and focus on your own practice.

https://hollyenglish.com/comics-zines/2024-01-01 20:56:23
The Phantom: Vietnam: "Said the Joker to the Thief" Frew PublicationsComic Book Series, Short StoryAll ages

Paul Mason - Writer/Artist/Story cover
Amanda Bacchi - Assistant Editor
Glenn Ford - Editor
Dudley Hogarth - Publisher

"CIA operative Harrison Gross continues his investigation into the "Mac-V Ghost", this time interviewing a former "student" of the infamous "Crime School", who found himself pulled into off-to-book activities in the Mekong Delta, 1968."

Part of an ongoing series of stories featuring Lee Falk's The Phantom in the Vietnam War.

The short story was published as a back up story in The Phantom #1940 (March 2023).

https://www.masoncomics.com.au/phantomvietnam2024-01-04 14:16:02
The Phantom: Vietnam: "Paint it Black" Frew PublicationsComic Book Series, Short StoryAll ages

Paul Mason - Writer/Artist/Story cover
Amanda Bacchi - Assistant Editor
Glenn Ford - Editor
Dudley Hogarth - Publisher

"The Phantom arrives in Saigon 1967 as Kit Walker; Reporter, looking for ways to travel across Vietnam to find the missing Wambesi Prince. Meeting Australian journalist Barry Mengel, he is taken to the local Black Markets where he discovers an old enemy of his ancestors..."

Part of an ongoing series of stories featuring Lee Falk's The Phantom in the Vietnam War.

The short story was published as a back up story in The Phantom #1942 (April 2023).

https://www.masoncomics.com.au/phantomvietnam2024-01-04 14:18:16
The Phantom: Vietnam: "We gotta get out of this place" Frew PublicationsComic Book Series, Short StoryAll ages

Paul Mason - Writer/Artist/Story cover
Amanda Bacchi - Assistant Editor
Glenn Ford - Editor
Dudley Hogarth - Publisher

"The Marshall Sisters find themselves on USO Tour entertaining the troops, and run into some trouble trying to reach Da Nang before the 1967 Christmas special..."

Part of an ongoing series of stories featuring Lee Falk's The Phantom (and other Phantom support characters) in the Vietnam War.

The short story was published as a back up story in The Phantom #1943 (April 2023).

https://www.masoncomics.com.au/phantomvietnam2024-01-04 14:21:04
The Phantom: Vietnam: "And our friends are all aboard..." Frew PublicationsComic Book Series, Short StoryAll ages

Paul Mason - Writer/Artist/Story cover
Amanda Bacchi - Assistant Editor
Glenn Ford - Editor
Dudley Hogarth - Publisher

"Saigon: The Tet Offensive in 1968 has thrown the city into chaos. Australian Journalist Barry Mengal is attempting to cross the city to get back to the Daily Press office to report on the new developments in the War, but finds himself face to face with the Ghost Who Walks, and a colleague with a secret agenda..."

Part of an ongoing series of stories featuring Lee Falk's The Phantom in the Vietnam War.

The short story was published as a story in The Phantom #1952 75th Anniversary of Frew Publications edition (September 2023).

https://www.masoncomics.com.au/phantomvietnam2024-01-04 14:24:21
The Phantom: Fury part 1Frew PublicationsComic Book Series, Short StoryAll ages

Amanda Bacchi - Story and Edits
Paul Mason -Story, Script and Art
Glenn Ford - Editor
Dudley Hogarth - Publisher

"1914. Singh pirates are on the run, hiding in outback Queensland with bushrangers and cutthroats. Little do they know they have been followed by the Phantom, but not the one they were expecting..."

Part of an ongoing series of stories featuring Lee Falk's The Phantom character Julie Walker, sister to the 17th Phantom; much older, but still fighting.

The short story was published as a back up story in The Phantom #1947 Colour special (June 2023).

https://www.phantomcomic.com.au/collections/this-years-comics-2023/products/issue-1947-fortnightly-20232024-01-04 14:33:15
A Yuletide FlameSiberian ProductionsComic BookAll ages

Hayden Fryer, Art and Story.
Tinman Johnson, Song Lyrics.
Zack Castro, Variant Cover.
Merran Davies, Editor.

In this heart-warming supernatural tale set on the night before Christmas, an eldritch candle is lit and the dinner table lovingly set for the return of the most dearly departed.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1339895441/a-yuletide-flame-a-christmas-ghost-story2024-01-08 21:41:27
Tales from Nottingham #1Mad Cave StudiosComic Book, Short StoryAdult content for mature readers.

David Hazan, writer
(Shane Connery Volk, artist
Luca Romano, colourist
Justin Birch, letterer)

Tales from Nottingham #1: Legend has it that in April 1192, Conrad of Montferrat, the King of Jerusalem was felled by two assassins. It was later learned that this was an attempt to sow discord amongst the crusading nations by blaming the killing on Richard the Lionheart. One assassin was captured and died in captivity…The other escaped the Crusaders’ grasp. This is the story of Aya’s first assignment. This is the story of the day she truly became…Hashashin.

https://madcavestudios.com/product/tales-from-nottingham-1/2024-01-09 14:51:51
MonomythMad Cave StudiosComic Book Series, Collected Series: Trade Paperback 

David Hazan, writer
(Cecilia Lo Valvo, artist
Federico Bertoni, artist
Marissa Louise, colourist
Lucas Gattoni, letterer)

Magic is all but extinct. When the last ailing wizard casts a final desperate spell to summon the descendants of ancient bloodlines to a school for magic now in disrepair…those chosen ones find a horror of the likes they’ve never experienced. They will have to confront the deepest parts of themselves, their tragic pasts, and defeat each other to survive the ordeal.

https://madcavestudios.com/series/monomyth/2024-01-09 14:54:51
Nottingham: The Witch of Winter HillMad CavShort StoryAdult content for mature readers.

David Hazan, writer
(Shane Connery Volk, artist
Luca Romano, colourist
Justin Birch, letterer)

When a spate of murders in Edwinstowe is blamed on witchcraft, Everard Blackthorne, the Sheriff of Nottingham, is sent to investigate. What he finds is far more twisted than he could have imagined (appeared in Tales from the Cave #1).

https://madcavestudios.com/product/tales-from-the-cave/2024-01-09 15:08:41
A Fistful of PainComixTribeGraphic NovelAll ages

Louie Joyce, illustrator. Ryan K Lindsay, writer.

Xin and Sloane spent their childhood fighting over the family pet -- Gilgamesh, a four-ton, fire-breathing dragon. The family is torn apart when Sloane turns to a life of crime after stealing Gilgamesh, forever corrupting the creature’s heart. In their stark future, the estranged sisters reunite for a final knock-down-drag-out kung fu battle on an opulent yacht. This is a tale that’s about much more than violence and sororicide... prepare yourself for an emotional exploration of how nothing can hurt us worse than family.

https://shop.comixtribe.com/products/a-fistful-of-pain2024-01-12 04:40:48
Rock 'n' Roll FairiesComicozGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Collected Short StoriesAll ages

First story: Creator, writer, artist - Dillon Naylor.
Second story: Creator, writer - Dillon Naylor. Artist - Ian C Thomas. Colourist - Tamara Wighton.
Design - Ryan McDonald-Smith with Dillon Naylor.
Project coordinator - Nat Karmichael.

When Penni follows the faint sound of music deep into the woods, she not only discovers fairies... but the world's smallest rock band! This hardback book collects each and every episode of "Rock 'n' Roll Fairies" from "Total Girl" magazine, published between 2003-2007. Beautifully coloured, these 118 pages are a fabulous way of introducing younger readers into the joys of graphic novel reading. But it's also one to be enjoyed by people of all ages!

https://www.comicoz.com/store/p53/NEW%21_Rock_%27n%27_Roll_Fairies.html2024-01-14 11:39:49
The Phantom: The Pinstripe WizardsFrewPublicationsShort StoryAll ages

Writer: Jason Franks
Artist: Kay (non Australian)
Letterer: Glenn Ford

A two part Phantom story set in the 1970s. The Phantom must foil a terrorist attach at a Pinstripe Wizards gig at the Mawitaan Concert Hall and come to terms with rock'n'roll music.
Published in The Phantom #1956 and #1957 (link in Project Website is for part 1 only)

https://www.phantomcomic.com.au/collections/this-years-comics-2023/products/issue-1956-fortnightly-20232024-01-14 21:16:57
Death Drop Drag Assassin #1-2Scout ComicsComic Book Series, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers.

David Hazan, writer
(Alex Moore, artist
Lucas Gattoni, letterer)

Death Drop, a hitman turned drag queen, enters a race against time to find her missing drag sister as a mysterious rash of killings and disappearances spreads across the city. With the specter of her former mentor haunting her every step, Death Drop must decide how far she is willing to be pulled back into a life of violence in order to protect her community in this supernatural queer noir.

https://www.scoutcomics.com/collections/death-drop-drag-assassin2024-01-15 12:43:02
New York City GLOWUpswell PublishingGraphic NovelAll ages

Author and illustrator, Rachel Coad

A snake, an octopus and the near death of Johnny Ramone. The almost true account of the 1977 New York City blackout.

Set in the 1970s, the story’s capstone is the 1977 New York City blackout.

Ray the snake is a sad, lonely, middle aged insurance salesman from Midway Kentucky, looking for a better life. Strawberry is a Glow Octopus (Stauroteuthis syrtensis) with an inability to control her glow. Strawberry finds herself in constant trouble; she has a prison record and an FBI file to prove it.

The unlikely pair embark on a road trip to New York City, where they rub shoulders with rock royalty. Things get electric – in more ways than one.

A tribute to all kinds of music, from elevator to opera.

About the Author:
In a painting career spanning 20 years, Rachel Coad has exhibited in both Australia and the UK. In 2016 she was awarded Black Swan Prize for portraiture. A history in illustration and design. This is Rachel’s first graphic novel. Or as she likes to call it: ‘A long comic’.

coadoperations.com2024-01-17 11:57:27
Kongutan vs KrakenGestalt Publishing Pty LtdComic Book Series, Comic BookAll ages

Mitch Collins, artist. Gary Proudley, writer. Wolfgang Bylsma, editor/letters

Chapter 1 in the Mega Fauna series.

 2024-01-20 14:23:08
Under KingdomDark HorseGraphic Novel 

Writer: Christof Bogacs
Pencils/Inks/Colours/ lettering: Marie Enger

Ages: 8+ Genre: Fantasy, Comedy

After the sudden disappearance of his mum, high school freshman Shay is thrust into a secret world of monsters that exists underneath his small West-Virginian town of Humble Valley. With the help of his shapeshifting aunt Sa'Belle, he must search for his mother while doing what he can to safeguard the citizens of the Under Kingdom' and try to maintain his normal high school life.

https://www.darkhorse.com/Books/3006-069/Under-Kingdom-TPB2024-01-22 16:40:53
MEAT4BURGERS: VOLUME 1 - Welcome to BurgertorySelf publishedGraphic NovelAdult content for mature readers.

Writer: Christof Bogacs
Art: Beck Kubrick
Back up stories by: Marie Enger, Axe Marnie and Ray Nadine

Ages: 14+ Genre: Horror, Comedy

When Trace wakes up in VAL-U-BURGER™ they have no idea how they got there and no memory of who they are.

The rest of the employees seem pretty blasé about the whole thing. Turns out the same thing happened to them too…

 2024-01-22 16:45:24
Up All Night - the plague chronicleWrite & Wrong (self)Graphic NovelAll ages

Sandra Broman

Up All Night is a chronicle covering 7th March 2020 until 19th June 2023, a time which changed the world. Drawn and written as it happened, from the utterly bizarre to the terrifically dull, it allows us to look back with accuracy on the weird years we lived through. Was Kanye West really running for president? Did the army really patrol Melbourne's borders? Were we not allowed to speak on Paris metro lest we release the virus? Does 50ml of vodka daily help? All this AND MORE! I was up all night, drawing with frenzy so it could be documented for the future as it would not be believed otherwise.

 2024-01-26 16:12:53
Kobaloi - Goblins are Greekself published Comic BookAll ages

Anthony Christou (writer and artist), Stephen Kwok (letterer and editor), Christy Butt (graphic design)

Kobaloi - Goblins are Greek is a single-issue spin-off from the main series, Luminous Ages. It focuses on fantasy goblins from the dream space that found their way to Ancient Greece and became the inspiration for the mythical creature, the Kobaloi. The story also includes many popular characters from Greek mythology such as Hercules and Dionisys.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/luminousages/greek-goblins2024-01-29 17:04:03
The Bai Ze and the Book of Monstersself published Comic Book Series, Comic Book, Collected Short StoriesAll ages

Anthony Christou (Main editor, also contributed lettering, writing and art)
Stephen Kwok/ Es Kay (Contributed writing and lettering)
Christy Butt (Contributed graphic design and lettering)
Kate Mandalov (writer)

The Bai Ze and the Book of Monsters is an anthology of short comics with a focus on the myths of Asia, primarily China. It is set within the world and the main timeline of Luminous Ages but focuses primarily on characters and stories outside the main story. It is the first in a series of Luminous Ages anthologies, the Book of Monsters.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/luminousages/bai-ze-and-book-of-monsters-halloween-anthology-vol1-22024-01-29 17:21:01
The Hakutaku - Book of Monsters Volume 2self published Comic Book Series, Comic Book, Anthology, Collected Short StoriesAdult content for mature readers.

Anthony Christou (primary editor, also contributed writing, lettering and art)
Dana King (writing and art)
Stephen Kwok/Es Kay (lettering)

The Hakutaku is the second volume in the Book of Monsters anthology. This volume has a horror focus, unlike the first volume, with stories inspired by the creatures of Japan, China, and the Philippines mythology.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/luminousages/bai-ze-and-book-of-monsters-halloween-anthology-vol1-22024-01-29 17:31:18
9 Sexy Tails of the Kitsune - Book of Monsters Volume 3self published Comic Book Series, Comic Book, Anthology, Collected Short StoriesX rated content. Not for minors.

Anthony Christou (Primary editor, also contributed writing, art and lettering)
S.C.A.R/ Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr - contributed 2 illustrations
N.S Kane (story)
Chris Pitcairn (art)

9 Sexy Tails of the Kitsune - Book of Monsters Volume 3 continues the horror focus from volume 2 of the anthology series while also adding some NFSW elements. The stories focus on the foxes of Asian mythology, the Japanese Kitsune and her mainland cousins the Chinese Huli Jing and the Korean Kumiho.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/luminousages/bai-ze-and-book-of-monsters-halloween-anthology-vol1-22024-01-29 17:39:39
Honour Bound Episode 4: Into The CyberverseSelf PublishedComic Book Series, Comic BookAdult content for mature readers., X rated content. Not for minors.

Oli Ward (entirely self produced)

The fourth issue in a series of comic books about a killer robot with a strict moral code who falls in love with a cyber criminal. Each episode is presented in a cartoon style with an absurdist lighthearted tone and includes adult content. this issue involves the couple uploading their minds to "The Cyberverse" an online reality that exists parallel to the real world which was designed to satisfy every impulse, and desire that one may have on a whim. it explores themes of drug use, internet obsession, and pornography addiction.

Oliwardcomics.Gumroad.com2024-02-03 00:11:04
RuinedFirst SecondGraphic NovelAdult content for mature readers.

Sarah Winifred Searle, layouts/pencils/colors/letters

Steamy Regency romance about an arranged marriage between two people who have been "ruined" in different ways.

https://swinsea.com/ruined2024-02-03 12:03:34
A Work in Progressself publishedMini ComicAll ages

Words, art, layout, design by Aśka

After many years of collaborations and illustration gigs I started to write my very own graphic novel. But it took me a while to get to this point, and it’s been a journey full of false starts, wrong turns and frustrating revelations.
"A Work in Progress" is comic about this journey, which playfully investigates the allusive process of creation and the mental state of the artist, who is always on the verge of ... something.

https://askastorytelling.com/musings/a-work-in-progress-process-comic/2024-02-09 11:59:12