Project samples for Ledger judging

The 2014 Ledger Awards Judging Panel is currently working through the Long List on the Ledger’s website. Each judge will be developing a list of works that they would like to see more of. The Organising Committee will be contacting various creators and publishers to have copies of these projects sent for further judging assessment. This is not a final decision, but an important stage in the judging process.

To this end, the Organising Committee would like to extend an invitation to ALL creators (if they want their work GUARANTEED to be read by the judges), to send in copies of work published in the 2013 calendar year.

Send six copies of your printed project to:

Ledger Awards 
PO Box 7002,
NSW  2128

A single, digital copy (PDF et al.) can be emailed to:
Subject line:
Ledger Awards: judging copy

Deadline for copies: Friday, 28 February, 2014.

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